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  1. @TitanEntity haha thank you, all about the west yorkshire, from halifax.
  2. Made a 3rd video, hopefully people enjoy it, just me taking the piss. also there's a part in there for @Wyvyrias, to do with my first topic posted. All feedback is welcome whether its good or bad. Also not been on much recently been on my jolly's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmYsC6YddAQ
  3. Back off my jolly's wooo was awesome.

  4. It was garbage did a fanboy parody video. Badly made audiowise youtube search thatmoochy121
  5. Possibly both haha. Deleted the vid start a fresh tonight. Any ideas of what I can talk about?
  6. Haha it was a joke. Inuendo or inurendo But yeh sure why not.
  7. Sounds good haha. My head was like a funnel I thought I'd leave it so people could laugh at it.
  8. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RuwgHnXAmaI My mind went blank :/ its getting deleted. I just ended up taking the piss the whole time.
  9. HAHAHA that gun it's killed the genre. All about D&B good sir all about D&B i could use a drop as vocals and subtitles that would be funny.
  10. Nah for vocals, but i might use dubstep in the future, get on some dirty drops.
  11. Ok so its on, just need to find some decent audio effects, seen as though i'll be doing it all myself haha.
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