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  1. I'm currently into techno, house and synthwave, here's an example :
  2. I remember, back in the days of the old RSI forums, that someone made a lenghty post about archeology and how it can affect the exploration part of gameplay. Similarly, Stellaris, a 4x game, has implemented digsites throughout the game which you could dig for unique rewards and bonuses as well as cool stories. If, they give you the possibility of becoming a bar tender or owning a small shop, then I don't think it's impossible to realize and, you're absolutely correct, would be pretty neat
  3. The wolf skin is fake but we have a real leopard skin that, at the time when the picture was taken, is currently undergoing repairs after an unfortunate encouter lol and yes I'm the signifer My end goal is to become an aquilifer (eagle-bearer) but it'll take time. Thanks man ! That's an interesting idea you propose here, I didn't even consider it lol but yeah I can totally do that and create a small museum of Vanduul helmets, armors and weapons for the org, wouldn't that be cool ? A bit like the Legacy of the Dragon Born mod if you've played Skyrim.
  4. I could have gotten the Nomad but the Avenger does the same job and has a sealed cargo bay so my choice was only logical and I still think the Avenger is better, that's just my two cents of course.
  5. Hello there ! I just got an Anvil Arrow for myself with a metallic grey paint, I was looking for something that would fit well as an escort in a decent-sized fleet. Since its most favorable aspect is agility, I think it's just perfect for that role because I want to be able to manoeuver in between ships of varying sizes and the shape gives me great vibes so I don't regret my purchase !
  6. Good evening everyone ! My name is Armand (in-game : Leon Samuel "Silver Sam" Pryce), I'm 26 years-old and a French-American Roman history student. I do historical reenactment (Roman legion) and play chess on my spare time. I've been a loyal backer and follower of Star Citizen since 2014 but I have never been able to pledge one of the higher tier ships because I'm a student lol, however I do own an avenger titan for solo gameplay and an anvil arrow when I want to join a fleet. I'm really excited about the lore and cultures of Star Citizen, I would like to roleplay as a veteran who
  7. Good bye Imperium. May the might of our gods be with you.

    1. Doopsums


      Y u leave? Me no likey.

    2. SnowOwl


      What happened?

  8. First of all I assume my violations of the forums rules (and I wont swear or rage if I get banned from scb.com), in a second place of course this was a reference to your offer but I didn't mention directly your name to try to stay decently respectful but unfortunately it wasn't the most efficient option I have chosen. But again @Basard, if HR feel that this thread is a forum rules violation well you know what's left to do. Well I'll just resign from Imperium, not only I've break my code of conduct but also the forum rules ...I'm sorry this turned out into thread crapping but this thread
  9. My apologies @radoorid if we went somehow out of the box ,but this statement is very true I was only asking specific information concerning the Gladius and it turned out into a constructed debate before...wait ? what happened already ? no seriously even if they were no rules broken, let's still try to stay civilized
  10. Very well said concerning the in-game economy @Chimaera. In my case I wanted to make offers about the Gladius because I've missed the rsi sale and I really want this ship but I can for sure get the LTI later when the game release ^^ assuming that because I am in a strong clan I will have less chance to die than someone who is not in a clan. Sure but what's funny (or not xD) is that my original question was so because I was interested in some offers around and it turned into a debate ^^
  11. Well...people can't predict the in-game economy even if the ships are common
  12. Yeah I'm going definitly wait for it to come back ^^
  13. I've voted for the boarding action ship Do we not already have the M50 as a deep space exploration fighter ? This is a waste of time IMHO
  14. Thank you Valturion & Wyvyrias ! Long live the empire !
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