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    I studied Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, concentrating in Rocket Propulsion and Spacecraft Design. I also studied a lot of astrophysics. So, if anyone wants to know anything, or even just discuss the RU (Real Universe) please contact me!

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  1. Rocket Man

    What would you do?

    I didn't see a Bengal Carrier....
  2. Rocket Man

    Anvil Arrow next ship for sale?

    A snub has QT? Talk about an escape vehicle!
  3. Rocket Man

    I'm still alive! Hey folks!

    Who are you? Welcome back! The forums are somewhat quiet these days, with pockets starting to reactivate with alpha 3.3 on the horizon.
  4. Rocket Man

    2018 Anniversary and Holiday Livestreams

    Thanks guys. I've been having a hard time remembering what they've done the last few years since 2014. I do remember last year's being the ship manufacturers each day. I just would like to enjoy the live presentations when I can. I will keep an open eye for their announcements. So thank you for providing the previous links.
  5. Is there any information on when these are going to be this year? Of course, I am assuming they are having a livestream for each as they have in the past. I have vacation days to schedule before the end of the year and was looking to taking the days off aligned with these just to enjoy them live instead of on YouTube after.
  6. And that is why I am a Zelda fan. Those games are always GOOD.
  7. We've been anticipating something like this for a long time. But the key note to takeaway from this roadmap, was that the last tech hurdle has been completed for SQ42. That means it is all content and polish from here. And if CIG has the pipelines set up as they have demonstrated over the years, it's only a matter of time. How long(?), well that depends how happy they (er, um CR) determine the game to be ready to release. The pipelines will allow content and polish to move very quickly. And based on the energy from CIG, it seems 2019 may be a SQ42 release. I will not hold my breath, as I also would see it releasing in mid-2020. Either is fine, I want a wholesome CR experience with a polished game. Something I can show off and brag about playing. Let's see how the next few months play out for SQ 42 before getting super excited. But the hype train is real.
  8. Rocket Man

    FOIP Tribute to David Bowie (Space Oddity)

    LOL. I cannot wait to see what else people are going to come up with. Movie reenactments, music videos, tv shows.... the list is endless.
  9. This is exactly how I saw it. This gives us the "line" where CIG sees the game being a fully fledged playable space (pun intended). They are looking at the "end of production" when there really isn't an end. The content stream will be impressive and fast. They will soon be at a point of releasing star systems in full glory once the core tech is in place. There is no point giving us a ton of content if it is going to be changed/updated with advancements. Just look at how many times they have touched some ships. This is all good, because they are trying to keep the detail, style, and fidelity to the best and most recent they came up with. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are very few hurdles left to get there. That is what this panel gave us.
  10. Rocket Man

    Ongoing Discussion Need a web cam for FOIP?

    What are they pricing the Official Facewear Cam to be? I did not see a price for it. However this may turn out, I will get a good enough camera to go with the game. The prices really are not a problem for me, but if I can get the same performance from a $100 cam as a $200 cam, I will obviously go with the $100 cam. And speaking of, has anyone committed to getting the official cam?
  11. Rocket Man


    To arms! We will defend our honor through our name!
  12. Rocket Man

    Mid-West Bar Citizen

    I'm in! Any of those cities will do. I am from the Detroit area if that counts as a vote. Love the idea and would love to finally meet some of you (after 4 years) face to face! Plus, you get to see my ugly face as well!
  13. Rocket Man


    What you do need to keep in mind is that it is expected to come across people like that in the game. Some people are very hardcore in what they do, some roleplay, others carry emotion. Like @GRIZZ said, we have an Intelligence division. What you have concerns for will be a very real thing in the game. I am sure we will see different Orgs battling to the death in the game. I, for one, would hope that the SC community does not let in-game feuds lead to real-world issues. I can see it going in two ways; (1) the toxic way you describe and (2) where people are passionate enough about the game to not let in-game rivalries ruin real world gatherings (CitCon for example). Imperium is set up to be a "hard-core" organization. We will be taking Intelligence and Diplomacy very seriously, hence those two divisions' existence. And as members of Imperium, we are expected to keep both of those divisions in check as well. Just remember that we all want to succeed and if you see something, say something.
  14. Rocket Man

    Mining / Scrapping

    A lot of us just love talking about this game; so ask away! We all know there are new people still joining Star Citizen. I have been a backer for over four years now; following the project since mid-2013, officially backing since June 2014; and I am happy to answer questions. However, a good source of the information a lot of us have is in two places. First, I recommend going to the main site RobertsSpaceIndustries.com and reading all of the posted articles they have there. There are a lot of good ones, where the developers share their mindset for most game mechanics and how they are approaching them. I cannot post links now as I am at work, but I will update this post once I get home. The second source is the hundreds of hours of videos on the Star citizen YouTube channel. I highly recommend the "10 for the Chairman" series and all of the "Around the 'Verse" series videos. You will be there for weeks, lol. At least those two series will give you a majority of the information available over the last few years.
  15. Rocket Man

    Mining / Scrapping

    Details are not quite fully determined, but that is the idea. You will use in-game UEC to rent the ship for either specified periods of time, like two hours; or you will rent it out at a rate per hour and owe (and pay) as you use it, for example, like 400UEC/hour. There will be late fees, maintenance fees, damage fees, etc. But it will still be much cheaper than buying your own. And I am sure these rental ships will be base versions of their model line-up. I can see renting a Hull-B and earning some transport money to gain profit in the early game.