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  1. SW Battlefront 2 P2W Fiasco, Lessons for SC?

    I want one of those CR bobble-heads! The shitstorm that has swept over SW Battlefront 2 is certainly concerning. There is an argument for that game in being P2W with Star Cards giving you in-game advantages. But the thing with Star Citizen is that there really is no advantage in weapons or ships (as has been the plan). The weapons, armors, and ships are only really useful to the skilled players, and they all play in a Rock-Paper-Scissors table where A can counter B which can counter C which can counter A. CR has also explained the notion of not having any "levels" to advance to. SC is supposed to be that you are only as good as you can play the game. Different weapons, ships, and armors will only tailor to play styles rather than having an advantage. And CR has stated from the start that he wants the ship pricing to be on par with real-world car pricing. You want a Ferrari (Idris), you've got to earn the steep price in credits to buy one; not everyone is driving one IRL. Like others, I am afraid of the "instant gratification" crowd that does not want to spend the time to earn up to the large ships. The crybabies may be very vocal...
  2. deadpool 2 Deadpool 2 Trailer

    LMAO! Looks like the second one has potential. I hope they do not ruin it.
  3. Star Citizen Publicity

    What I find interesting (this year at least) is how little coverage there is. Last year, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, reminded their audiences that there was nothing from the Squadron 42 to show. And boy did they criticize CIG for that. That is why CIG released the footage a week later of them making the hard decision to cancel what they were going to show. And I am surprised nobody is saying anything. I think that their panel setup this year really negated a lot of the negativity with showing the progresses they are making in all aspects of the game. And then the demo at the end to show off what is coming was impressive and possibly proof to show it is coming together now.
  4. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    I am intrigued to find out what this ship is. I don't really have any plans to "purchase" another ship, but if a Hull C or D rolls around with a nice price, I may forfeit. However, I do enjoy their videos for this annual period, and last year's approach was a good one. This year's theme switching over to a new marketing setup has me interested in how they approach the week.
  5. Congrats on 1.9 million citizens!

    I joined in June 2014, during the release of Arena Commander; #481,714. I thought I was late to the party, but now... now I am merely in the first 25% to back the game! How far we've come!
  6. Game Day, October 28th

    And we're doing this the day following CitizenCon? We all might either be hyped or depressed. I may actually get to attend this one.
  7. I am looking forward to seeing this come together! Lots of valuable information to be gained here. are you pulling these categories from the RSI website? Pathfinder is a great label for that particular role. It is what most of our exploration-inspired pilots want to do; travel to vast unknown worlds, chart Jump Points, discover new secrets while surrounded by hostility and risking their lives to scout ahead.
  8. Yeah, this may fall onto the fanbase. Although, I would love to see this kind of detail with ship weapons as well. I mean they do have to have some form of customization too, right?
  9. Well..... if it means we are blown away come the Holiday Livestream, I can wait another couple of months. Although, I will admit I was hoping to see something from Squadron 42 next week. Just give me a little gameplay. We got nothing last year, we have not seen anything since GamesCon 2016 for SQ42. Even if it is a teaser, feed us the good stuff! LOL I will give them credit though, in pushing Alpha 3.0. It is good to see they are working hard to get us playing the game with more mechanics and (hopefully) hours of gameplay and fun to be had.
  10. It's time for Global LTI

    LTI doesn't matter. I have it and would rather it be limited to 2 years or something tangible. Unlimited LTI just breaks the game's economy in ship supply/demand. Why would I care about my ships if I can just replace them in five minutes?
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  12. 8700K & 8600K reviews leaked

    I'm almost afraid to commit to a Threadripper PC now....
  13. Game Day, Sept 23rd

    Boiler Up! (AAE '04)
  14. Game Day, Sept 23rd

    I kind of hate the "potential 3.0" in each of these. Can I admit that I am looking forward more to a Game Day with 3.0 over that of 2.6? Even if a group of us were just landing on planets/moons looking around the outposts scattered on the surfaces.
  15. What I found to be most interesting is the sizes of these things. Last year, when they showed the game on two planets, those were only 2,000km in diameter. the dialogue at the time was to have small planetoids to keep the scale down, and the content to a limit. But this year, Chris was spouting off the sizes of each planet and they have gone full blown realistic sizes! Chris says Daymar is 20,000km in diameter, which equates to being much larger than (irl) Earth! With that in mind, we will be spending days scouring the surfaces of these planets and moons. I am amazed, honestly.