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    I studied Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, concentrating in Rocket Propulsion and Spacecraft Design. I also studied a lot of astrophysics. So, if anyone wants to know anything, or even just discuss the RU (Real Universe) please contact me!

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  1. I kind of hate the "potential 3.0" in each of these. Can I admit that I am looking forward more to a Game Day with 3.0 over that of 2.6? Even if a group of us were just landing on planets/moons looking around the outposts scattered on the surfaces.
  2. What I found to be most interesting is the sizes of these things. Last year, when they showed the game on two planets, those were only 2,000km in diameter. the dialogue at the time was to have small planetoids to keep the scale down, and the content to a limit. But this year, Chris was spouting off the sizes of each planet and they have gone full blown realistic sizes! Chris says Daymar is 20,000km in diameter, which equates to being much larger than (irl) Earth! With that in mind, we will be spending days scouring the surfaces of these planets and moons. I am amazed, honestly.
  3. Wow, I will have to look at this.. I did not play ARK though, so how much of a learning curve is there?
  4. Build help

    Interesting, it seems there is a battle for the best performance. And only the consumers win from this. Hopefully, AMD's attempts bring prices down a bit for all of us to enjoy!
  5. One problem I foresee with this is maintaining the Imperium stance of being against piracy. It will be hard to sell items found or "found" in the PU if it belongs to someone else. I understand CIG's initial approach with when Player A buys cargo, it belongs to Player A. However, let's say Player A dies and his ship, partially wrecked, is floating in dead space. Player B discovers this derelict and collects the cargo, and salvages the ship for anything useful then leaves. Now how should the cargo be identified? Player B found a derelict, salvaged what he can, and plans to make UEC off it. But he goes to Terra, tries to sell the goods, and is flagged due to the cargo being registered to Player A. I would think at some point, ownership is lost. And I believe everyone here would agree that we would interpret that line differently. At what point should cargo change ownership, like in my example? When Player A dies? When Player B places the cargo on his ship? When Player B goes to a black market shop and re-registers the cargo to his name? Or it does not, and the cargo can only be sold in the black market, where ownership is never questioned?
  6. Build help

    I had no idea more information is coming out soon. I was under the assumption some was already known. What I am getting from everyone is that we still don't have enough information released to make a solid decision. I get that Intel has the single-core advantage, which right now is great for gaming, since most use only one core. But if the future of gaming is to go multi-core (i.e. Star Citizen, which is what Chris has said for years), then maybe that is the better path? In the simplest form, yes, I am just looking for what my money can buy. What is best going forward? What about future upgrades? Should I look at having the ability to go with more cores later? See, I assumed I needed two GPUs based on how they were years ago. If one has the power to run three 2k monitors, then that means the budget can go elsewhere or much less. I was just under the assumption I would be spending $1500-2000 for GPUs alone to match what I want. How are you arraying your four monitors, especially with the one being so wide? I want thank everyone for their help here, I am learning a lot from this discussion. Thanks!
  7. Dreaming about Star Citizen.  when does it come out? :P

    1. Donut


      When you see the mass post spams on the internet and even Derek Smart has a melt down on one of his livestreams

    2. Juntau




    3. CyberianK


      in the year 2525 if men are still alive

  8. Build help

    Thanks for all of the replies! I have been out of the hardware game for a while now, so I am trying to catch up and understand what is out there. I would say the worst I will put this computer through would be running and streaming SC (both in 2k resolution) in the foreseeable future. I want a lot of power to allow some "breathing room" to allow the computer to last a while without major upgrades. Is this just maxing out what performance I can get with the budget? Is this the performance difference between the Intel i9 and the AMD Ryzen/Threadripper? I can see the argument of a $400 chipset compared to a $1000 chipset when the performance difference is 15%, a big investment to jump up a modest amount. But from what I've read so far is that the 8-core i9 performs better than the latest Threadripper, but the Threadripper makes up with having more threads to process data? As for the graphics card(s), I just do not know how powerful one is in supporting three 2k monitors. What if I wanted to add a fourth monitor [1080p] (maybe to show TeamSpeak/chats/Spectrum or computer monitoring information) from the floor level? - Just an idea, probably not worth it. After. Actually, I should just say I want 10-12TB for mass storage. This is to hold pictures, videos, music, and other media. I was thinking of 3-4 4TB drives or 5-6 2TB drives. Just something to dump media onto and the RAID Parity just protects it from HDD breakdown.
  9. This is very complicated, something I am sure CIG has been spending a LOT of time discussing. Like mentioned before me, there is only so far you can go in a conference room coming up with how players will try to game the game. However, I do like their idea of cargo belonging to the solar system. It is a mechanic that allows ownership to change when a ship is abandoned, destroyed, or derelict. Obviously, the game code is tracking all of the information, it is just a matter of how the UI gives it to the players. I am glad people are finally discussing this as this was a subject I've thought about a long time ago.
  10. Hey guys, I know there is a lot of knowledge to tap into here in the SCB forums. I have had a few conversations with close friends about their opinions and knowledge on various current hardware and want to continue hearing what I should aim for. This is all for a new rig. I am going with a budget of $4,000 for the tower. This is going to be a gaming computer, so I am looking for high performance and graphics integrity. The tower is going to support three 30" 2k monitors (I don't think 4k is in reasonable price range yet). Case: Still looking - want something that is visually appealing (show off cooling/components) CPU: i9 or Ryzen? (Friends suggest the Threadrippers) Discussions I saw here on SCB say i7 is good for SC - I am still learning what the differences are between all options RAM: 32GB or I just may go to 64GB because reasons (memory is so cheap!) SSD: Samsung M.2 2TB (Samsung 960 PRO?) - looking to have more M.2s connected in the future, maybe one (smaller) that is SC only HDD: Looking for a mass storage (maybe 10TB) array in a RAID parity, can come later (months) after initial build Motherboard: Looking at a GIGABYTE one - something that gives me the versatility I am looking for GFX: 1080Ti (x2) - looking for 2k at 100+ FPS (3 monitors) Cooling: I want to go all liquid cooling, maybe multiple circuits. PSU: I have not looked into a power supply yet, waiting to see what the rest demands with room to add more stuff later. Again, this is early in developing what I want and I am always welcome to suggestions. I want this thing to be upgradeable, particularly to add to it (M.2 SSDs and HDs for example). I already have keyboard, mouse, HOTAS, and G27 to plug into this thing. Looking forward to see what the minds in SCB present!
  11. Ooooooo!!! New SHINY!
  12. LOL, I may have to balance my time being a crew member on a Reclaimer...
  13. The amount of time needs to be just right. It needs to be short enough to not have the game become a waiting game, but needs to be long enough to both scale the distances and allow gameplay while traveling. Also, as I think of this now, longer travel times, as touched by @Karmaslap, affects reinforcement times. But this is where I disagree with him, you want the reinforcements to take time, so that a battle plays out without instantaneous intrusion. The pirates of the game are going to want enough time to strike, raid, plunder, and escape before authorities arrive. Too short of the time, the pirates will never be able to have a successful raid. The same goes for bounty hunting, spying, military combat, etc. Thinking about this for a couple days now, I think traveling between planets in the system should take between 20 minutes - 1 hour. Maybe one hour to cross from opposite sides of a single system. Obviously, moons around planets, like in our alpha Crusader map, it takes a minute or two. 20 minutes seems reasonable to leave the pilot seat, go to the back and address damage or electrical issues, cargo spills, armaments, etc. and then return before coming out of Quantum Drive; assuming no interference along the way. They hinted at the Jump points at various times, saying that they will be just long enough for data to load for the system you are heading to and to unload the system you are leaving. But they also want Jump Points to be risky (when not navigated) and to take time to travel through based on its length from one system to another. I think they were limiting to four or five minutes for these, which is a reasonable period of time to have to fly and navigate the jump. I don't think they were going to have autopilot for these, but you will have a map of how (the path) to fly through.
  14. This one crossed my feeds a couple weeks ago. It looks promising. I am about some new ideas and new approaches to city building. I like their idea of large monuments and aspects to faith and religion, since they were major contributors to life back then. I may join the kickstarter and see where it goes.