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  1. Alright, I know I am late to the party here. My biggest gripe with people in general is depicting they are "buying" ships and in-game assets rather than "pledging" into the project as a whole. Everyone knows the drop-down basic pledge is an Aurora (or another starting ship) and the game. This will become the sale package when the game fully releases. And right now, it is listed cheaper than the anticipated market price of the full release game. Anything else offered in the store are assets still accessible by the base game package, but if you want to "pledge" more to the project because you want to support the development further, you are welcome to. Nobody is "buying" other ships, they are supporting the kickstarter project further. I really hate when I find You Tubers or other media sources bashing people supporting this game. "Why would you spend $400 on a digital ship that does not exist yet?" "Who would buy a $27,000 package? How ridiculous!" These are the people that cannot decipher "buying" from "pledging." Who is anyone to judge people wanting to support the development of the game? My response to people has been, "I like the project they are working on, and I decided to support them further. That is why I have pledged more than the base game package." Let people do as they please with their money. Ok, I had to get my stance made there. As for refunds; I am glad the law goes as I view them. No refunds. You decided from the start, that you are supporting the project. From the start, everyone knew what they were getting into. This project was ambitious and was going to take time. To expect a developer starting with twelve people following the kickstarter campaign to release an AAA title are unrealistic. CIG had to grow; and along with that growth develop a custom gaming engine to support the project. I say take the time and do it right. StarCraft 2, ten years development. GTA V, 9 years. WoW, 7 years to release, now 14 years in continuous development and support. And all of these had large companies at the start, not 3 years in. And as a backer of the game, now considered early (2014), I knew that any money I do pledge to the project I may never see again. Oh well, it's called investing. Some people invest on the stock market, others in funds, some real estate. All gambles where you can lose it all. CIG developing SC is a gamble, one we are all willing to take. It is unfortunate that some people feel entitled to claim their pledge has been a fraud and demand refunds. It is rather interesting to see how the EU handles this. But I hope there is not a massive wave of people losing faith in the project. Just give it time to "cook" now that the engine side is nearly ready. Content is quick with some of what they are working on.
  2. Rocket Man

    3.2 LIVE Pictures

    LOL, I may understand your confusion. The idea in my mind is say we have a specific location for some of our operations. Let's imagine a system with a tremendous backdrop, nebulae, bright star, planets and moons. And at a particular area and angle, you get am impressive shot of our operations at work. Ships in formation in front of the backdrop. That shot is used as one of Imperium's images. Similarly, if we have our own base of operations on a planet surface, multiple players working on mining or manufacturing, structures built to house players. Or like your sunrise, Imperium can adopt it for exploration. Perhaps, Imperium has a database of screenshots of our Org doing its business, self-sponsoring the different aspects of the Org. Hope this helps.
  3. Rocket Man

    3.2 LIVE Pictures

    That's a cool idea! That something reveals itself at only a certain time of 'day.' That would be a really unique Easter egg that is time dependent as well. I would hope that even as Imperium, we find some really cool org sponsored screenshots.
  4. I'm interested to see how far they can push it. 50 is great! That is a good-sized battle. Would love to see what the game can handle once a lot of their optimizations are in place.
  5. Rocket Man

    Stellaris: Apocalypse Trailer

    Damn.... me too (goosebumps). I finally have a way to destroy my foes' worlds! Forget taking them and assimilating their kind.
  6. Rocket Man


    Hate leads to the Darkside!
  7. Rocket Man

    Hologram Technology Shown Off at CES

    This seems like the next step in technology. I am anxiously awaiting Augmented Reality myself.
  8. Rocket Man


    I was trying to stay out of it for as long as I could, but one thing I could not help notice was that almost every white male in TLJ was at one point perpetrated as evil. The casino world, populated by all white people, not one minority in those shots. All other white male leads, were evil or considered evil throughout the movie. If that isn't tailoring to the feminists and liberal doctrine..... *sigh* Bu For Solo... I hope it is as good as Rogue One was. They have an opportunity to make a great movie here. The issues do concern me greatly though.
  9. Rocket Man

    Star Tours 30 Year Anniversary

    LOL.... yes....!
  10. Rocket Man

    Sausage, Gravy and Guns

    Dammit @Donut, I want to go make homemade sausage gravy and biscuits now....
  11. Rocket Man

    Star Tours 30 Year Anniversary

    Been to the Orlando location about 8(?)-ish times now. they made a major update a few years ago where the "tour" is now divided into five segments, and each segment has scenes and adventures pulled from a pool of eight, and this randomizes every ride. So, it is nearly impossible to experience the exact same ride twice. The fifth segment was always one where you ended up in the battle zone of the Empire versus the Rebels, but in one of eight different situations. The three I had experienced were ending up in the moon of Endor battle, one where we were fighting several star destroyers over Hoth, and one that was a battle over a core planet (not sure it was Coruscant). In any case, the ride is impressive for what it is, even after all these years.
  12. Rocket Man

    Chris Roberts on 3.0

    If it is any consolation, I have 16GB RAM and I am playing a 7 FPS slideshow. At least CIG knows what is going on and are attempting to work on it. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and let them work on it. I am a patient one....
  13. Long live the "Tonk!"

  14. Rocket Man

    Computer Speakers Suggestions

    This is a good thread, I am in the market for a set of GOOD speakers. I still use a Logitech 5.1 surround set I bought way back in 2007(?). Way too long ago. Computer speakers are great when you don't have to be voice chatting, just sitting and gaming.
  15. @Comet I get where you are coming from, but I guess I am a little more reserved. I would have preferred they delay by a couple hours, not a day. And if they had this planned, I even say they should have been ready days in advance and not last minute. Now, as for their "technical difficulty," I would hope it was legit and debilitating to the presentation. If it were something they wanted to show and it wasn't ready in time, then I have a problem with it. I do not think heads should roll over this, but they should know how disappointing the move was. It just hurts us all.