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    I studied Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, concentrating in Rocket Propulsion and Spacecraft Design. I also studied a lot of astrophysics. So, if anyone wants to know anything, or even just discuss the RU (Real Universe) please contact me!

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  1. Guilty! LOL At least they left the conclusion to the viewer to decide. That is responsible reporting, not set in one direction or another based on what they reported on and how they did so. Gotta give credit where it is due.
  2. Keybinding has been one major hurdle for me: as I play with ESDF instead of WASD for all my movements on foot and the HOTAS settings for my flying. I had to rebind a few times and it got old fast. Hopefully, I can keep my setup soon.
  3. Well, this year's Citizen Con provided a LOT of information to us. And one particular item that stood out to me was the permanent persistence. Chris Roberts talked about not wiping the accounts after one of the upcoming releases. That leads to.... Is it time to come out of hibernation? Time to earn that sweet, sweet UEC? Time to start performing Org tasks? I am excited for the near future!
  4. Well.... we got it! Finally! The Jump points we have been anticipating. I love it. They made it really interesting. And I like that they made it "like navigating river rapids," you still have to guide your ship, but you get a little help from the stream through the wormhole. This is a major step in now seeing more content coming our way.
  5. I really hope to see a jumppoint announcement. It is that time to see one with the progression of the Stanton System being nearly complete. It is technically next as we will soon see progress on the neighboring star systems to Stanton as well. Exciting times....
  6. Cannot wait to see what 2019 will bring!  Happy New Years!

  7. Right? I mean the progression of what they had in 2013 to 2015, to today is amazing in many areas of this game. The best part, is that each iteration is becoming less and less of a time sink, as the pipelines provide smooth updates to the latest technologies they've unlocked. I still cannot wait to see more of what is to come! The future of SC is bright and exciting!
  8. do I have to reschedule my Saturday plans to participate in this? lol
  9. I did not buy anything new, but did test fly quite a few ships. The Arrow is definitely on my must-have list along with a couple of the Hulls. I may buy it in December, or maybe in-game. There are a few others I am considering, but am waiting to see if I actually want to get them with real-life money or in-game money.... lol.
  10. These are the kinds of things I hope to see coming from the Exploration Teams! Good stuff guys, I am going to have to check them out for myself!
  11. I am surprised it even fit. I bet it cannot clear the bay door. I would love to walk around in one of these things. I am so fascinated to explore the large ships.
  12. A milestone to be celebrated for sure. I hope it's enough!
  13. I love this! Thank you for sharing!
  14. A snub has QT? Talk about an escape vehicle!
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