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  1. Paypal fee not included. Varified Paypal account only.
  2. I have a RELIANT MINI HAULER LTI for sale. $65 USD. Paypal fee not included.
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Use your online banking to transfer $, if you dont feel confortable, paypal is totally fine
  5. Want to sell my original Carrack LTI and Reclaimer LTI, with melting value of $350, selling for $350 each, Online e-transfer is preferred, since there is no additional fee required, but if you want to go paypal, you have to pay the additional fees :(( Skype is preferred during the process More info:
  6. Would like to sell my Aegis Dynamic Reclaimer (LTI Standalone ship) for USD$380 + Paypal fee. PM me if you interested Or leave a message below and then email me : iltarix@hotmail.com I will provide screenshot later (On my crappy laptop now...) , Skype is also available.
  7. im pretty sure you wont fly the same ship for 2 years.....
  8. Im gonna drop the price again guys,, its only $280 now, don't miss out !
  9. Consider the Anniversary sale does NOT include 24 month insurance for Redeemer, I drop the price to $300 for those who wants to get this for LTI
  10. Have an Aegis Dynamic Redeemer LTI for $319 and paypal fee It is a pretty sick gunship after the update the weaponry system, I bought it because it looks pretty cool for me lol~ but then I realized Im just not that type of person who wants to get involve in battle.... PM me if you interested Verified paypal, add me on Skype if you want XD PS: Really sorry, forget to add "WTS" tag ... Price drop for $280 USD !! Sold
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