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  1. The odd thing is that there were said to have a sub capital class side ie large-medium. However, they fly very well, in fact too well. The ballistics is supposed to be a close range brawler. Tbh they shouldn't have such a maneuverable for large or small. Increase the ions weapon cooldown would be one move. Then again who knows.
  2. Devil Khan

    MISC Endeavor

    Just like the Orion it will shrink back down in size. 😄
  3. Well doesn't that make the operator cabin redundant? Either way, move it back in to where it should be or remove the mfd from the center and leave it with unobstructed view of the area by increasing the size down of clear "glass" basically a standard crane operator. You know there have been plenty of things over multiple ships that need to be fixed. However some are quite obvious. It wouldn't hurt if they hired a ship, plane, crane operator to give their opinion on what changes they would make before the ships are released. It would seem that nobody has experience at all when it comes to laying out the ships in white or grey boxing.
  4. At least 1 issue. 1. When the operating cargo you can't even see the third crate.
  5. I'm mixed. It's an argo, but it is very spacious for the interior.
  6. not like the space 1999 at all. https://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/18436-Introducing-The-Argo-RAFT
  7. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    She is a beast! She is made for attacking and not defensive as such really. She has scarely high hit pool in the shields (2x large same as the Hammerhead). Basically from what I understand, She attackers first and loiters around while other drop ships will hit the ground and when they're finished the leave and then the Redeemer will be the last to leave. However I till think they should have swapped the beds back with the 4x solider seats. The can easily fit the escape pods on top. Also leave the drinking down below so passengers will get thirsty. Still she looks exceptionally aggressive on the outside and quite beautiful at the.
  8. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    I find it odd that they put the beds down stairs and the marines upstairs and removed the stairs completely and replaced it with a ladder. Bottleneck anyone? To be honest, the outside looks nice, but the inside looks, well, like a star farer. Don't get me wrong the individual rooms look very nice, but the layout is seems very wrong.
  9. Tbh, I could if it is actual redesign or updating the ship model interior. The one thing I didn't like and is present on many of larger ships. No simple access from a ramp. Instead I stupid lift. The tali has 2 while most larger ships have just one really. It's fine if you just want to get your solo-ing ship. However the hammerhead has just one ( and one airlocks) a simple ramp around the head of the ship could be done with out too much interferance.
  10. Think it's 23% for me. They're many overpriced ships anyway. However it really urks me when they killed the LTI before the ship was released. Anyway, CIG really want to charge big whales and forget the rest of us and yeah. I'm one of them 😑. MerchantMan should make an interesting ship whether it will have huge cargo or just plenty of "shop fronts" I like it. It's a shame that they had to make it planetside landable.
  11. It was possible to get it from ccu 225 😁
  12. The pricing is insane. For everything even mugs a plain white with a brand logo cost around 30! The ships are priced way too high. 40-60 for just the bare bones starter ship. Of course there is no practical design eg the simple exiting from the ship carrack, starlifter, reclaimer etc etc. Yes, I am guilty for buying so many ships. I remember back in the kickstarter days I said "only the one ship will do me fine". Yeah that didn't last long. Anyway I have my MM, I mean I have the right to play with it but not truly own it. <end rant>
  13. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    Yeah, I'd have switches the seats and gu racks around.
  14. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    DAMN! She looks even better, that in her previous life. They upstairs looks a little bare. Still I assume that's not finished.
  15. The question is though how many buggy can you fit excluding Bay doors of course. To be honest, the exit doors are lacking for the large ships, case in point no large doors for a salvaged like the Reclaimer Should have put it above the bay doors at the front they look lacking and a rush job. Still I like the, C2 variant anyway. Cargo is the main hauling it is designed for and it does that beautifully. Although wtf would anybody pay for the A2 $720( I think) willingly.
  16. At a guess, outside pretty much the same as the new image, but inside completely different 😄
  17. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    Kinda wish they'd move the (remote/auto) underneath rear turret out more towards the edge of the ta. It looks as it is obstructed 90 degrees horizontal range. Also would be kinda cool if you could fit a vehicle in the rear😆. But I know it's too shallow and narrow as it stands.
  18. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    Also, just a small note, they removed that small rear turret. The ship has a major weak point. Back and down arcs. The tiny AI/remote is gone again. it was small but it did give you pepparing while attacking from behind.
  19. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    She's gotten quite bigger this time. the images from last year, had her roughly the same size as the Previous in-game one. Also the images show the two extra seats behind the pilots, guessing they are both remote gunner seats). And the walk-way to them is bigger/wider. I assume that her wasted space (bottom gunner) won't be the same as her old ones. Hmmm either the weapons got a lot beefer or just bad image when stretching. Well I hope they keep going down this path. There was too much style over function on previous ships.
  20. One thing, it is a cargo carrier. Why the hell are its engines so small(on the outside), they look even smaller on the back. However the layout looks pretty good internally. Just a nice "escape hatch" would be nice. opening doors with no power can't be easy.
  21. a trade troller
  22. It's IceMan. He's a born troll.
  23. There is reason why they will give a playable Idris to us until they have more than for the server(50-60 is the max I think). That if they release it before the already stated release. Atm the Idris(ingame) isn't a real ship it has no internal layout and that is why you're not seeing them launching fighters. Tbh, it's very CCP (eve) way on dropping in if you have killed a player. There was an easy way to get around the whole think.
  24. Devil Khan

    Aegis Redeemer

    Still haven't even left the white box, how sad. I've always had a soft spot for that ship.
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