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  1. Spoilers should be stuck on those last two
  2. Heard about a lot of fans want a re-writen as they were disappointed in a lot of the story line. Of course there is no chance of that. Last I checked it was over 300k of sigs heh. I was disappointed it last few episodes, but not the cinematics ( they really were awesome and really made CGI look like it was real. Rule is 6 months don't spoil anything.
  3. wow, underwhelming tbh. Great CGI though, but as I said it was a baaaaaaaaad script in the last few episodes.
  4. Nice ships, shame about the sizing, totally smaller is the Idris. The Javelan is as big as the "Bagle".
  5. Yeah and I would agree, get it ingame, don't spend money on it.
  6. Can I just point out the front steering... Even Akira can go very fast, but can't steer for shit :). Again good artist, but shitty designer. Can't do anything except drive, can't fire, can't fly, can't hover. $25 gets you an Aurora base with shitty gun (I think shitty missles), fly and cargo space and a bed. logic?
  7. Shame you can't add CCUs without the base ship
  8. I know what I want instead of my ingame head.
  9. They are ... awesome. The more wider while keeping the similar length. The fact that the wider room means it does actually look like a long range craft without being cramped in there with more than 1 person. I do like it alot now. All four variants look a lot better.
  10. Devil Khan


    Yamata 2199 (The latest RE-re-re-made) was good, but the 2201 is kind of a hit or miss. Just watching Hinomaru Sumo. Even the OP/ED is very catchy, I usually skip forward, but not now. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Season 2 of Drifter
  11. They wouldn't even give us external "spoilers" or bump stock. I'm waiting for the skin job $5 every few days to keep it clean and then buy it again.
  12. Guess who didn't see the last episode. Fraud you clearly haven't ever seen GoT. Shame shame shame shame...
  13. I would heartly agree with that having only limited number for each account.
  14. Actually, EA would kill to have used ships in their games as monetary value. For example: The current 890 is 890, the original value was 650. The increase was before (years before) the ship even had it's post concept work. The CIG fault about the willingness to have a grey market. They are not the best "pro-consumer" by far. pro-consumer would have released the full ship specs and layout before starting on sale without any stats at all. Like I said, every major company is several branches, This one, the business/marketing, is just as bad as EAs business side, nothing to do with devs. This isn't the first time that CCUs has been taken. It's sad to say the grey market is the few who are hurting the many.
  15. It is a stupid thing to have on the ship (cutlass aswell) it manuf are suppose to make the botton dollar ships. Why wasting extras when you could easily put a frigging ladder. They should only make cheap ships, not ones that can easily break down. They should be only have fixed cockpits. If a good designer should seen this then we would be happy. Sadly we don't, it's 3D artist that would never had designed space sim before.
  16. It is pissing me of the fact that CIG allow people who do the wholesale, but aren't intrested in SC. Again nothing it true with CIG. going back and deleting $0 CCU. CIG are acting more and more like EA. Why don't they put a limit on the number of CCUs (per ship type) 1-2 max. They could easily have changed the giftable from the ships to be removed. I give up ages ago, no point in me arguing when it falls on dear ears. Again, selling concept ships and don't tell us anything about it is great. Even best waiting for weeks after they stop selling to answer a Q&A totally awesome!
  17. Dragonfly case and point. one ship different skins. *pitchforks and torches* However, never have any of what I have said meant squat to CIG.
  18. 1 MILLION CREW! Nobody knows sonething similar to the connie. 3-4 crew.
  19. I forgot to mention "Rover not included"
  20. Hint: make them taller, that way they have a full 360, except pointing down (or up).
  21. Ok I completely missed this, the top forward remote turret is brought waaay back. Where I think it and the lower(may have moved?) are blocked when firing left and right. I am inclined to believe that none of them have the experience involved " third person shooter" games.
  22. Not all will be avaible in one place. The best things are its weapons and its powerplant. With less half heat generation of a standard F7C-M and nearly 20% better output from the powerplant. It only carries 4 weapons, but 1x S4 and 3x S3. Sustained dps is nearly double of default F7C-M It's not avaible until 3.5.
  23. Actually, doesn't appear to be a skin job. Surprisingly good in a few stats, and just some small increase(or decrease). However they (the Devs) love to change anything and everything t Lucky enough I bought the 2 CCUs (still un-used of course) .
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