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  1. Just found this on Etsy. Quite a good little book to read. The Illustrator was in Japan twice and going back soon it appears. It was a "How cheap can I go" sort of thing. This is the promo video. The video is amazing alone, she did it all by herself in a few days! Also I checked her vlogs while she was in Japan, pretty good, Btw this is her main site IkuTree
  2. Wow, just the white box captain's office, but very cool. The desk is facing The right way he has plenty of room in shower and toilet (slightly more than his "bedroom" ).
  3. Fuel... Starfarer should have the key move here (unfortunately level designers should be shot). However it's apples and oranges really. You can't compare them nor saying which is better unless you specifically match cargo space or fuel space. Also, just because it may show a lkot of base starfarer, it doesn't show them with CCUs and atm we don't even have a full system yet, let alone several dozen promised ( 96 I think probably more). Anyway I have Starfarer and Hercules C2 .
  4. Just to add a lot of haters who hate anything. Edit: Second One
  5. I'll be excited when they release the NDA demo like last year. Here's YongYea about said about it (with NDA parts) CD Projekt Red are very much doing the right things including the PR basics
  6. Devil Khan

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Ok, l the 890 got a hell of a lot bigger when and they have just added a huge bay door on top. I'm aware that this should be the same place for the cargohold on the ship. There is no reason for having a cargobay door, unless it's a hangar door.
  7. You are silly, we already know that weeks ago
  8. There are not new, nor is the other two
  9. There is no NA physical copies. Sucks to be you
  10. Wow, the screens have curved edges and seats look cool, dunno how the feel sitting down on.
  11. If that chair/table is real the beat anything SC had at events :D
  12. The avg critics was about 9/10. I had no problem with the rate whether you go in blazing or snails pass it was great. I loved it bought a copy so I could play it on steam
  13. Yeah I think I was right. The game has multi level. They have a stairs. However they have mixed the public tour and the "evil layer" into one. I don't know how I feel about that really. I spent ages trying to make the best fool proof entrance on Evil Genius hah.
  14. note: different studio/company than the first one. However rebellion are pretty solid and have been around for decades. The cinematics look very nice and seem to match the first as a sequel, but better detailed (GFX) .
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