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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. im guessing we will all get some sort of flair for reaching this goal
  3. I own a cat and im not going to be a pirate as far as i know off
  4. I think when orgs 2.0 is released a ship list is one of the features
  5. Makes me jealous of all the lucky owners out there by far the best looking ship so far, i dont have one due to having an idris but if i didnt get one in a heartbeat. All hangars are amazing i prefer the clean looks of the revel and york one personally. But once they fix all the 64bit precision the asteriod hangar will be way better. The bussiness one is cool also the elevators are the best but im not a massive fan of the layout.
  6. Yea top gear is too valuable for them not to cancel it considering how many views & money it gets.
  7. It sounds like its confirmed! i will totally melt the redeemer for this ship. The Scimitar looks bad ass on this link :
  8. I need moar info on this ship RSI Please!!!!
  9. Super stoked for the vanguard even the name shouts out bad ass
  10. meh the panthers and the rattlers are the only ones worth buying imho
  11. Jeff Rubicon

    RSI Orion

    I think its one of the coolest looking ships in game im thinking about getting one now lol
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