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  1. JTF

    Reign of Kings

    Server has changed admins on that one were a little ridiculous. will update my original post
  2. JTF

    Reign of Kings

    should be out in the next patch they are making it a priority
  3. JTF

    Reign of Kings

    server is up =) search COOKS server is too many cooks RP its a semi RP server active admins including myself. would love to populate it and have a great time. happy to see you guys there JTF
  4. JTF

    Reign of Kings

    is there melee combat in that?
  5. JTF

    Reign of Kings

    at this state there are very few bugs and so far the dev has updated it second weekend if not every weekend. Its enough that ive played 50+ very enjoyable hours (which is worth my 20bucks anyway) and am still looking to continue it. only issue is the experience varies server to server so i wish to find or create the ideal server ruleset and play with enjoyable people seeing as all the content in a sandbox is player created.
  6. JTF

    Reign of Kings

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/344760/ Great game, its a mix of rust/minecraft/chivalry, i just hop the guy finishes this one (unlike starforge) its a very well made alpha tons to do expecially if you find a good server (which i had untill the admin proved himself to be a whiny tantrum thrower when he looses or the odds get stack against him. (but thats another story). Ive had some epic siege battles, plenty of game of thrones style betrayal open field battles and fights and id like to get something started again. I may rent my own server if i get enough people who would like to join me. heres some clips of my gameplay. unfortunately i was really drunk for the day we had the epic war and didnt record anything lol be warned the guys im in teamspeak with have no filter, but are hilarious. beheading http://www.twitch.tv/jtfu/c/6338321 We were attacking a rebel compound here the guy screams friendly but hes a rebel we were at war with. http://www.twitch.tv/jtfu/c/6331207 msg here if anyone is interested in talking about setting upo a server and we can creat rules and all that before creating it. If if there is one already up tell me about you rules and how goes the realm.
  7. JTF


    find man bear pig yet?
  8. ooohhh thats a good one, thank you Voa
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