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  1. All the pieces are in.  Just got my MSI 1080ti in.  Have the kraken g10 mod kit and a corsair h50 for it.  Next steps are GPU Vram heatsinks and mounting the g10, some lighting work around the case, polishing up my wiring, and getting Windows on my M.2 Samsung 960evo.  Let the Modding begin!  Should be up and running by next week.  Will post finished glam pics on my "About ME" section shortly.  I also plan on doing a build series post with pictures of the Rig during the entire process for those interested.  

    1. Tillion


      Rig Hardware list currently in my "About me" Section.  

    2. Gallitin


      That's cool, interested to hear about that 1080ti!

    3. Rocket Man

      Rocket Man

      Looking forward to more.