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  1. Welcome, I have the same age [emoji39]
  2. Well... this is another @SnowOwl thread that changes it's course, like the Archeage TS chat... well congrats for your new signatures you both
  3. Welcome! I hope you set up your mind and take the best choice for you, Imperium is a really friendly community and I do not regret have joined, they have treat me kindly for a non english-speaking person (that never happened to me before in another forums), so you can be sure there will be always a warm welcome and a good support here for you and your boyfriend if he wish to join us too [emoji1] [emoji106]
  4. Welcome, there's a lot of new features of the game, you have to take a couple of days to catch up [emoji39]
  5. Welcome! About exploration you can go to search for almost anything from new planets, interstellar jump points, space wrecks, abandoned space stations, you can search for ancient artifacts, lost technology or even be the first to find an unknown thing and be recorded in the Galacpedia, it is supposed that explore space derelicts will be like playing Dead Space (you play FPS inside a ship and can encounter some danger and loot) but about exploring planets like Skyrim... I guess it will be more like Mass Effect 2 (you can drop at some specific points and even use a roller to find something specific, not as detailed as Skyrim) [emoji16] [emoji106]
  6. Welcome @Vendrin5 you will find here more than just an org [emoji1]
  7. Welcome @Kozak, I guess with those skills boarding will be a piece of cake [emoji1] maybe you can teach us a little [emoji106]
  8. I already have the ship I want, The Reclaimer, so I will be looking for any ship to "reclaim" but the one I want most to find will be some kind of ancient space ship derelict and retrieve some ancient artifact from a lost civilization and be recorded in the galacpedia [emoji16]
  9. I vote for the Aurora Jump Drive, there are a lot of low budget backers out there and it will be fun for them to be able to jump from the start [emoji6]
  10. Hi again, I have join a squadron that share my goals here is the "The Imperium Fleet White Pages" link, it helped me to find a good squad:
  11. Me too, but as a pirate ship, most likely there will be an smuggler variant, but let's hope
  12. Thanks @Scotterius, @Wyvyrias an @Vryce, my goal is to become a Aegis Dynamics Surveyor Captain and recover shipwrecks throughout the galaxy, so I will start with the Cutlass, I am already a Trade & Industry member, but I do not know how they are organized, and who to report to, but if someone needs help, I like to play support style
  13. I will try buying one, to be honest I love how the Cutlass look in the pirate skin, I hope I can take the Skull and crossbones logo out
  14. Thanks, I have see some skin hull options in the pledge store but I am not sure if they are for all ships
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