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  1. This is all very exciting but I am still worried that they will ever reach these goal... hope I am wrong! start pledging guys!
  2. What I am really afraid though, is that most of the people who are interested and who want this to happen already pledge in the first couple days, and that there is not much people left to pledge and fund the remaining 3/4 in the next 26 days. Hope I am wrong.
  3. 1/4 already! this is going to happen! yesyesyes!
  4. couldnt find anything on that either. Though I am pretty sure that there will be something like it, since Roberts mentions something like citizenships and dynamic factions.
  5. I would really want to have a carrier like in the video.
  6. awesome! i was just starting to worried that they will not make it... lol how foolish of me
  7. I found this on the official website that just came back up for service. What If You Don't Raise Enough Money? We are encouraged by the overwhelming response to our "underground" launch site with over 20,000 registered users that we will reach, and hopefully exceed our minimum goal. We also believe that the response to our crowd funding campaign will cause certain fans and investors to step up with additional funding. Nonetheless, we are offering you the option to have your money refunded (less processing fees), should we really not reach our minimum goal. Or you may leave it in so that we can use it for additional fund raising or to continue working on the game at a reduced level.
  8. " Our go al is $2 million in thirty days or it can't happen. We'll still be selling the game after that " Does this means that if they dont raise 2m they will sell the game to a big producer like EA or Activation?
  9. thanks! that would be really great since I still have not decide which one to pledge!
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