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  1. Want to Sell Subscriber Flare

    Curious if anyone is interested in any of the newer Sub Flair. I still have doubles of all the recent rewards since I last updated. Alternatively, let me know if non-subs can buy it themselves now, and I will find something more interesting to do with the flairs then sell them for at face value.
  2. The future New Corvette

    Where did you hear this? I'm very curious.
  3. Want to Sell Subscriber Flare

  4. The future New Corvette

    Pretty sure that's some random fan made art. Those fighters don't even look related to SC
  5. The future New Corvette

    I just watched IXM's final video and after watching it, the Scimitar could totally become a Corvette. They did way more than they should have designing it, and while they never had the polish of the Boomslang or the Redeemer, but if CIG took over the development and turned it into a corvette, they'd get me to drop my wallet in their bank for it. Anyone else agree?
  6. The future New Corvette

    What about redesigning the IXM Scimitar as a Corvette? I mean she's sleek and if they made her bigger, redesigned the interior, and maybed turned the cockpit-top Turret in to another manned, I could totally see this girl being a sweet corvette. Maybe at a small spinal mounted cannon for harassing the Idris and Javelin could work too. Thoughts? We know there is a cult of SC fans that love this ship, and I happened to be one. What is that ship from? It looks familiar abut can't place it.
  7. The future New Corvette

    Panpipes I'd love to see a render of what you described.
  8. The Idris corvette is dead; long live the Idris frigate!

    Alright so lesson learned regarding comparing SC to other Fic-Verses. I'm a happy Redeemer owner so I hope I get to hith a ride in a Javelin some day, but still feel off regarding the Idris. That said, I look forward to whatever the corvette ends up like, though I wonder how it will compare with the Constellation or the Retaliater. I'm hoping for just a fast ship with some serious punch for its size, enough to make you second guess attacking it with anything smaller than another corvette. Like a freelancer on roids
  9. The Idris corvette is dead; long live the Idris frigate!

    When I think of a corvette style craft, I think this: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tantive_IV Fast, tough, but small. though a 49 man crew is not happening in SC, i get that part.
  10. The Idris corvette is dead; long live the Idris frigate!

    I don't feel like frigates should be able to hold much more than a shuttle. From my experience with other Space Combat games like EVE and SinsOASE, Frigates can't hold anything more than a few drones, if that. In Sins, the smallest ship to field fighters is a cruiser, and in EVE nothing Sub Capital can hold a proper fighter, even one. Frigates are far from being Capital ships in my book. Battleships, Carriers, and (maybe) a cruiser, are the only things that should be able to do more than have a snub fighter. Now, I understand that SC is a dog fighting, in your face, visceral, FPS-ish flight sim in space, so fitting the goodies like hornets and such in to whatever has enough space makes sense (for the game) I just don't think that something that WAS supposed to be a corvette should be able to sport fighter craft. In Star Wars, the smallest ship I ever see a fighter come out of is a Mon Cal cruiser, and I don't mean the big one that's clearly "a trap." And in Star Trek, a ship as massive as the enterprise doesn't hold more than a dozen Shuttles, not to mention a fighter wing. Even the romulan Scimitar dreadnaught, which dwarfed the Enterprise E, only had a hangar with "several" fighter craft in side (from the wiki.) Just saying that CIG may need to just own up to the fact that the Idris is trying to be too many things, and that they really need to just make a light carrier for SQ42
  11. The future New Corvette

    Panpiper Shipyards needs to be a company in SC Awesome posts. Did you serve in the Navy? Your intimate understanding of ship roles and design amazes me. I hope CIG is reading this. Simply amazing
  12. The future New Corvette

    THat is a dreadnaught, not a corvette. think Blockade Runner, Tanative V from Star Wars. That a was a corvette.
  13. The Idris corvette is dead; long live the Idris frigate!

    How is it that the new Idris can hold X number of hornets, but the clearly bigger Javelin can only hold 1? Is the Idris a light carrier now?
  14. Redeemer Owners?

    I'm a proud Redeemer supporter, voter, and owner! Someone with a Javelin hit me up! I'll be your bus driver for the marines
  15. Waiting for the Avenger Varients!