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  1. Send a PM including Core and me with the icons / font etc. you would like used in your badge and we'll get it sorted.
  2. All I can gather from your posts is that you judge others based on how much they have donated, and make assumptions that they have some political agenda. Other people either do not feel this way - or they have the option, as stated more than enough times, of requesting the old donator icon, or a custom one if they are not happy with the Rainbow icon. If it's not for you, good news, you don't have to have it!
  3. Making a statement requires having the intention to make a statement - the rainbow buttons were not made with the intention to make a statement. Homosexuality is also not the same thing as religion. Rainbows are also associated with more than just the LGBT flag, and the buttons are not even in the same style as the LGBT flag. How much you give or do not give doesn't make you "better" or "worse", so you are not being placed into a category in that sense.. nobody thinks less of anyone who does not have enough or may not want to donate $200... however the people who support the running of this community do deserve some reward and recognition, because without support, this community would not exist, or at least not for long. Perhaps with your logic, nobody should be given the title officer, specialist or sub-commander etc., because despite the fact that they are doing more work - it makes members feel marginalised? As mentioned many times throughout this thread, if you do not want to be associated with whatever you think you're being associated with, you can request a custom donator button, and then it's totally up to you.