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  1. Well, they could do it the way Guild wars 2 handle it, they have an overflow server or an overflow instance if things start getting too much to handle, i'm sure they will work out some way to do it
  2. Phaha, oops, I wasn't suggesting they were cramming 200,000 people onto 1 poor server at one time (which would probably an hero under the pressure)
  3. Guys, I read on comms link (somewhere) that alpha would use servers but the amount of places would be limited to 200,000 players at once.
  4. I assume you mean you are going to model your own for local use, if so, do you know anything about the file types you need to use to load them in?
  5. Haha 3 months? I think a month and I'd off myself without internet! Well, it depends, i'd love to live in the middle of no where for maybe a year, but knowing I could go back to having the internet after that
  6. I've noticed! Something to fill the long hours waiting for the game!
  7. I heard what the guy above said, Dog fighting after 12-14 months, then about 6 months later the single player then the MMO, but who knows there is a lot that can and will change.
  8. Thanks for all the answers and yeah I know it's still 12 months away but I'm just so excited for this amazing game! Judging by what you two said, I think they could use the real servers for Alpha so if it crashes they have time to fix it for beta, although, is the beta release not the Squadron 42? Hmm, in my head it seems likely that they would use the servers.
  9. It's not a party until alpha is released
  10. Amazing! Thanks for the super fast reply and the awesome answer! Can I ask, will it be online multiplayer or will you have to host it locally?
  11. Hey there, glad to be on the forum, I wanted to ask a question to see if anyone can give me an answer. I understand in 12 months the Alpha will be out and it will be the dog fighting side of the game, my question is, is the Alpha dog fighting with AI only or will I be able to play online with friends, on servers or locally. Thanks to anyone who can give me an answer!
  12. I'm looking forward to a single player campaign, it's really odd to see an MMO style game with a single player campaign as well, but it's a really awesome thing. I can't wait, something to do when my internet decides to be a bitch!
  13. It's really hard to say, I have a 32" monitor so I don't think it would improve the FOV that much. I'll give it a go at a convention or something.
  14. Sir I can tell you I am perfect for your fleet, for one, I have a game's company called "BlueFox" (http://bluefoxgs.co.uk) and we are developing a game called "Horizon" Fellowship, can you believe that? I'm perfect! Well, that and the fact I get highly addicted to MMO games so I'll be active and I have a few friends I can recruit! - Will email soon enough
  15. Hey there guys! Thanks for the warm welcome! Much appreciated!
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