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    Let a wave of repugnance for the enemy wash over you. Let hatred fill you. Hate is good, for our goal is a Human galaxy. We are called by the Emperor with a sacred duty to conquer it in His name.
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    The galaxy is the Emperor's, and anyone or anything who challenges that claim is an enemy who must be destroyed.
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    The Emperor extends His will to us when we destroy the wicked and impure to reconquer the galaxy in His name. The Emperor leads the galaxy to righteousness, and thus we must petition for His judgement on the wicked... for it is judgement without mercy.

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    Onboard the Unending Crusade Fleet headed to Xeno controlled space
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    Suffer Not the Unclean to Live
    Uphold the Honour of the Emperor
    Abhor the Witch. Destroy the Witch
    Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds
    No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!

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  1. Are these guys trolling, I seriously cannot tell!? "The M beats the P" "they can probably hold 5 or more Constellations and many similar of that ship. I'd expect us to have around 3-8 of those in our fleet in the beginning"
  2. The M wasn't "made" for ship to ship combat, it is capable of it. Though it is only marginally less capable (than the P) in anti-fighter/bomber role. To actually attack a cap ship multiple M's would be required. The M though would make larger bombers and space dominance fighters think twice about going head2head with their ship. Of course no one should expect that a pair of gladiators would stand a chance against the P or M, even if the Idris was AI crewed. Factor in that if your clan has an idris you've probably got some friends to watch your back. So the engagements will never be Idris vs X, it will be Idris + 2 Super hornets + 2 Connie escorts + Stealth hornet scout ship + ECM hornet vs OPFOR. Lots of people on here seem to think this game has to be rock, paper, scissors, but life isn't that simple, occasionally it's a shit sandwich and you're options are get fucked or get out of the way. Bearcat made a lot of good points and I agree with them, we backed because CR made good games and he wanted our support making another one. He didn't say hey guys support my vision of a new Baseball game; he's explicitly stated time and time again that this game will be the evolutionary successor to WC and Freelancer, stop trying to fight that under the guise of improving the game.
  3. Always happy to see a fellow BT player, or at least a fan - it's been a long time since I last picked up Codex: Armageddon...

    1. Marshal Afghanicus

      Marshal Afghanicus

      There's a good number of us too, all loyal servants of the Emperor. Primarch willing we'll crusade together soon, stay vigilant brother.

  4. I hear ya Archang3ll, I like the scalable reward model where the more you "take part" in the game and exhibit skill the more you are rewarded. Those lacking skill will most likely complain though, as I'm sure they do all day while sucking at life in general.
  5. We don't want to wreck peoples nerves just trying to land or dock there ship ;-)
  6. The Emperor does indeed protect his faithful servants.
  7. Hey if you guys know anyone, or you yourself haven't started playing World of Tanks yet I've got an invite code that starts you off with a bunch of gold. It's free for anyone who PM's me however you MUST be starting a new account. I assumed it was a gift of sorts but nope new accounts only. If you want to utilize it follow these instructions: The Emperor Protects
  8. There was a Dakar to Cairo in 2000 and it's probably my favorite due to the bikes/rules/route. The traditional route is a variation of Paris to Dakar. As previously mentioned muslim terrorists threatened to attack the racers, ultimate fun police those guys are, so they moved it to south america but the race has lost some of its sole and it now truly is just a race, no longer an adventure.
  9. But you were with IFOR right, or has the chopper not been updated with the SFOR marikings? What year were you there, and where were you stationed? Had a lot of friends go, I didn't join the Army until '03 at 17 so I pretty much started training and deploying to Afghanistan, but I know a few people were still deploying for Bosnia-Herz in '04
  10. Is North Africa a different country from Africa? Or is it like a State?
  11. Can't wait for World of Warplanes to come out. I've never been suckered so hard by a pay model before but meh, I mean once you spend $500 on imaginary ships for a game two years away, perspectives get a little skewed.
  12. As Space Marines and avid FPS gamers we'll definitely be focusing on up close and personal assaults.
  13. Love to ride sand, I can go down to Oregon to do it, but usually I just trek out to Baja and ride there, because lets be honest that place is racing Mecca for Dual-sport riders in North America. If I was in Europe it would have to be the Cairo to Dakaar route as the holy grail of riding. New Years 2012 in Baja
  14. Chainswords on bolters a la Gears of War, and jump packs for our assault marines.
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