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  1. @pyro nl Yes, according to the purchase page on RSI. They outlined anyone under 18 years of age would not be allowed in the venue, pretty crappy if you ask me..
  2. Personally I would love to see more SC events in Australia, as we barely ever get events like this. It's good to see we have not been forgotten about. This year my self I could not attend due to age restrictions but If we have another next year; I would definitely attend!
  3. @StratoCrewzr Nice, to have someone of your qualifications and experience in Imperium! On a side note wow, never though this thread would be revived! @Tillion Hehe flying Isn't cheap, thats for sure! Especially attempting to get your ppl at the age of 17 with a supermarket job...
  4. I do like how they don't sugarcoat their military, I must admit the ADF (Australian Defence Force) ads are a bit like the American ones.
  5. @Nord Woah, I thought cars were expensive here. Crazy high prices, especially for a country close to Germany!
  6. Still not worth it to me, I do not own a console and I'm not going go out and get one. To be honest it feels like it just going to become another Titian Fall, everyone lost their minds over that game.
  7. Sorry but these Razer laptops just feel like a blatant rip off of a Macbook pro, even right down to the ad. I'm not an Apple fan, just pointing out the obvious. The Msi laptops are winner for me, looks are different and they don't look like a cheap rip off (If I was buying one). Myself at Uni/School I don't see why someone would want to lug around a 5 kg laptop, If i want to game I'll do it on my desktop.
  8. The little shits who call the Police should be held accountable, but lately it seems like that's not happening. Abc needs to stop calling them "Hackers" they are little shit kids.
  9. This isn't an epidemic simulator though.
  10. You fly helicopters? If so good to see another pilot on here, I'm doing my ppl (fixed wing).
  11. I feel sorry for the cpu, and that socket.
  12. Get the Corsair Cherry mx rgb, best keyboard for the price and it does what you want it to. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823816022&cm_re=cherry_mx_rgb-_-23-816-022-_-Product
  13. Yes, the good indie devs i.e CIG do deserved to be praised! But then we have the shitty ones that ruin it all for everyone.
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