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  1. Happy Birthday!


  2. I've now come up with a new term for this style of game release "at beta"
  3. just something i came up with post anything i should add Ok I know this has been brought up a lot in the past After passing this idea back and forth of why not or pay to win (excel early on) or just to support the game. when CR said that insurance will start to count down ship only when your playing, my original though was "that's great so we can buy it only when we play", days later I had another though "wait that means all of my ships are counting down when I play any other ship since I'm going to be trading(or mining) for most of the time that's going to mean lots of time in space. If it was like any other game that's already released I would only get one or two ships and make due with that but since this game needs backers to continue making the game (as good as it is) a lot of the people have got more then 4 ships So I would like to put forth an idea give everyone LTI again but give the original backers LTI+, it will reward them for early support and make it so later backers ships don't go pop in less then 6 months of play or Make it so that it only counts down on the ship your flying at the time
  4. Nice to see another Ice here.
  5. SLI does not work you only have one card working so having it enabled is pointless
  6. I'm still tweaking it some and would like some feedback on this First add Star Citizen to the Nvidia control panel (manage 3D settings, add, then select Star Citizen in the bin64) anisotropic filtering = 0ff antialiasing - gamma correction = on antialiasing - mode = application controlled antialiasing - Transparency = off maximum pre-rendered frames = 2 Multi-display / mixed-GPU acceleration = single display power management mode preder maximum performance preferred refresh rate = highest shader Cache = on texture filtering - anisotropic sample = off texture filtering - negative LOD bias = allow texture filtering - quality = performance texture filtering - trilinear optimization = on threaded optimization = on triple buffering = off (on if you have more then 4GB Vram) vertical sync = adaptive then in console command add this r_MotionBlur = 0 r_SSReflections = 0 r_HDRBrightLevel = 0 r_fogshadows = 0 should see a big improvement
  7. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/3158922?
  8. @Tiogan its not in the hanger yet most likely its going to be in DFM v1.1
  9. we do have 2 years till its out so you never know. tho for the beta you are most likely right.
  10. I know this cant happen but i sorta want to hock up two Aurora to a Constellation with a cutlass on top and slowly fly through a nebula cloud to bad you cant move at all when docked to someone else
  11. @manmantong2000 I should probably ask if this is for the DFM or PU. For DFM its easy but if you want it for PU then i would hold off. as for laptop or tower that's also hard as to where your playing it from dorm or home. DFM home /dorm - home would be a tower (more power for less $). dorm - laptop with at least 6GM ram and 770gtxm (don't get a APU) PU home /dorm - both are tower but wait for summer 2015 really good deal coming out then from AMD the Oculus rift should be out by then so you can get a low grade monitor laptops are nice for portability but unpractical for up and coming games and heat is the biggest problem. now don't get my wrong i have a nice one but the best you can play on it is SC2 and wow, the hanger get 10-26 fps. use to use it for LAN's but if we tried to play SIn's (sins of a solar empire) it would crash 20-30 mins in because it cant keep up with the towers. for 1500 you can build a top end (not top of the line) gaming rig. wont kill your wallet and you can keep up with the others in the DFM Tho i cant talk about throwing money away after i build my setup. so comes down to do you want the portability over performance -edit- if your schooling is anything like mine its better to stow away all your games so your not tempted
  12. I just thought of his but how will it work if its instanced. will the roids just vansh if someone in the other ins. finshed it or could this dupe the roid itself over both so there is 2x roids of the same
  13. IceMirror


    Greetings from under a rock Happy to be a part of the Imperium. im a Bounty Hunter, with a 325a, Cutlass and a Constellation. I'm looking forward to exploration and trade, with a little mining on the side. You can call me Ice or DX. Cant wait for some fleet action "See you in the verse" and in TS
  14. your going to need to wait for the new layout once they finsh it and from what some ppl have been saying the merlin will be "leaching on" to the back becouse the cargo size it has now isnt big enough for 35t. Im guessing each large cargo crate is 10-15t
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