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  1. I think it depends on how "veteran" you are with WoW. Most people came in during BC and WotLK, I can understand why they wouldn't be thrilled about Vanilla. I personally have some major nostalgia with vanilla for the simple fact that I still go to Vegas every year with a core Vanilla group of friends (25+) and we always get drunk and talk about the glory days of raiding. I hope the mechanics of quests and leveling return to vanilla too. I know they're addressing the "3 quests per zone and move on" issue they have now, but I recall zones where you'd run out of quests and have to go fi
  2. Nip

    Ongoing Discussion PC blue-screening nearly 5 times a day

    Did you image your PC or in other words, essentially ghost your old PC onto new hardware? Hardware Abstraction Layer is the typical culprit with ghosting from one set of hardware to another. It's most definitely driver related, but not something you can really fix if you ghosted it. The other two dumps show IRQ_NOT_LESS which is typically memory related and the ATI one is your video card driver.
  3. It was great hanging with you at Citcon! 

  4. This can actually be fixed server side with a quick fix @Gallitin can make. On the main starcitizenbase.com page, the Forums button hyperlink points to "forums.starcitizenbase.com". Since the entire domain is covered under the SSL cert with HTTPS, the forums.starcitizenbase.com link does not always redirect you to https://forums.starcitizenbase.com properly. Clearing the client side cache does not permanently fix the issue. Simple fix is to just change the hyperlink to https://forums.starcitizenbase.com
  5. Eve Imperium = Goons Wow, I might just re-sub to /popcorn the war against goons
  6. Heh nice pictures. I do have to say though, the picture labeled "Undersea tunnel linking Sweden and Denmark" is wrong, that's the 664 in Norfolk, Virginia. I drove through that tunnel nearly every day for 3 years. I think I like the frozen bubbles in Canada picture the best.
  7. Yikes! I came real close to buying a house but decided against it in the last minute. Very rarely does a game make it through a suspension of development, but we'll see what happens with this one.
  8. Just do a repair installation on your OS to replace the USB drivers if uninstalling the drivers are still affecting your display. Overall you'll need to install the latest drivers/firmware for your motherboard since it's older than Windows 10. When I installed Windows 10 with my MSI Z97, the windows NIC drivers didn't work, even though they worked on Windows 8. I had to manually download/install all my Z97 drivers for all of it to function properly, so I wouldn't depend on the default Windows drivers to work well. I do have to point out that before I had my MSI Z97 (best mobo ever
  9. Yeah, I thought the guy taking the photos was part of the CIG team, but I guess he was another backer who happened to be a professional photographer. Needless to say, he took some great photos
  10. Had a great time this weekend in Santa Monica. We weren't sure if Chris or Sandy would show up, but there were among the first to arrive. Very interesting mix of people for sure. A couple people worked for SpaceX, so a few of us got a tour of the facility in Hawthorne which was incredible.
  11. The emails went out regarding the pop up event locations. I booked a hotel room across the street from the one in Santa Monica, but there aren't many rooms left.
  12. They should just rent out an Applebees in Santa Monica
  13. It's a good thing we're not HTML only, otherwise there wouldn't be a forum, login system or anything else that requires storing information. It would get awfully boring pretty quick! We appreciate the upgrades @Gallitin, thanks
  14. I'll be going to the Santa Monica location for the event
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