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  1. Lucas Haze

    Joystick vs Keyboard/Mouse

    I just ordered the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. Not only for Star Citizen, I intend to play a few flight sims also. Like IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover and Digital Combat Simulation: A-10C Warthog. And probably I'll start again with the X-series, to have some space flying experience.
  2. Lucas Haze

    Wireless Gaming Mouse/Keyboard Solution

    Thanks for the beanbag tip For the long sessions I make sure my arm has sufficient support, like a cussion or a blanket put underneath. What you can also try is to switch hands between mouse and keyboard. If you can pull it off it can be a huge relief, if not it is simply hilarious and beanbags will be flying all over the place
  3. Lucas Haze

    Wireless Gaming Mouse/Keyboard Solution

    Good choice on the mouse. I've been using Razor mice for about 15 years and they've never disappointed me. For the keyboard you can go Razor also, or just take a cheap Logitech one. Personally I just use a Logitech MK320 wireless. I hate configuring all these extra buttons. Also when my keyboard breaks, for example after I catapulted it through the living room , I simply take a spare one and continue gaming. When a fancy keyboard goes dead on me I have to adjust playing on a regular one untill the fancy is fixed, which is very annoying to say the least.
  4. Lucas Haze


    Thanks, I played a bit and my first impressions are good. My character name is Zeppos. But since there is a time difference of 7 hours between us, I'm afraid we won't have many opportunities to team up. If you see me online feel free to bug me
  5. Lucas Haze


    Yes you can send it to that address. As on my part I can offer you a 48 hours guest pass for The War Z. Let me know if you are interested or not.
  6. Lucas Haze


    I would like to have an invite if you can spare one.
  7. Lucas Haze

    PC and peripheral hardware upgrades

    I'm still using an Intel Q6600 processor and 6GB DDR2 RAM, but recently upgraded with an ATI Radeon HD 6950 and a 256 GB SSD. I play every game I want at a decent level of detail and without glitches. I must say the SSD makes a huge difference in game loading time. When alpha starts I'll be looking into buying a new processor, motherboard and memory.
  8. Lucas Haze

    Best space 4X game?

    Endless Space. But I still have to try Gal Civ II which I recently bought on Steam.
  9. Lucas Haze

    Series, Webcomics, Animes and other stuff to pass the time

    I'm a huge TV series fan, below some that I like the most : Dexter Justified The Killing The Bridge (Broen) Sons Of Anarchy Game Of Thrones Fringe The Shield Battlestar Galactica Weeds Shameless Luther The Walking Dead Boardwalk Empire Flash Forward (unbelievably cancelled after season 1) Some special movies : Magnolia Rumble Fish The Big Lebowski The Thin Red Line O Brother, Where Art Thou? I also like these comedians : Omid Djalili, Bill Maher, Chris Rock and Nina Conti And whenever I read a book it's almost always one of Dean Koontz. He lives in Orange County, California and writes horror stories in a very convincing way. I personally am a big Odd Thomas fan.
  10. Lucas Haze

    The Walking Dead

    Good show, but I like the comics more, just finished #79. They are on my tablet, so whenever I have some spare time I read em. Mostly on the toilet
  11. Lucas Haze

    Have you pledged before?

    I hadn't heard about crowdfunding or Kickstarter before I found out about Star Citizen. Most of the games I play I've bought via Steam. But when Chris Roberts, the living legend, asked to back his idea I didn't hesitate for 1 second
  12. Lucas Haze

    Anyone here play Entropia?

    I played Project Entropia in 2002-2003, from beta till a few weeks after release. It was buggy as hell and alot of people were spending real money on bullets and never hitting anything due to the lag Before I realised I shouldn't be spending too much money on it, I had spend already 200 EUR and decided to quit. My impression was that the game/virtual world was just a facade to lure people in and keep them spending money. After a few months I logged back in and to my surprise the gun I put on the auction was sold for about 600 EUR. I cashed out and never turned back.
  13. Lucas Haze

    Knock knock

    Hello everybody, Turning 40 next year and I've been playing board- and computergames for the most part of it My other passion is live poker (NLH), which saved me from a complete burn-out after playing World of Warcraft for 5 years straight. I rediscovered real life and found out it was pretty nice talking to people face to face. So now I'm more of a casual gamer and I intend to keep it that way in Star Citizen also. But I know it is gonna be really damn hard. The game is still pre-alpha and everything I have seen or read so far is simply amazing. If RSI delivers only half of what they promise, I still be one very happy customer ! Also the community is great, so many nice and decent people. You can actually have a discussion or a disagreement without getting into a flame war. Now I'm going to pour myself a glass of 25-years old Irish Whiskey and I salute you all, my fellow Star Citizens Lucas