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  1. My bad, Thinking about it its going to change anyway and it will be quite important to keep that kind of information secret, Just from what I've seen in the Harbingers there's lots of good ships and they will be well structured and organised. Should I close this topic?
  2. Hi Everybody, Just wondering what the current fleet looks like by ship type, in numbers and by percentage of the total fleet? I know there are rough numbers on the imperium organisation page on RSI but is there anywhere to see exact numbers and percentages? Regards, Alex
  3. Cheers Guys, Imperium really seems like the right crowd of people!
  4. Thanks Guys, I'm hoping to use the Constellation for trading and the retaliator for fighting! How long have you guys been in Imperium?
  5. Alexg1101


    Hi Everybody, My name is Alex and I am a University Student in Armidale Australia studying at the University of New England. I have pledged for a Constellation, and have purchased a Retaliator from an Ebay Seller. I'm looking forward to the the dog fighting module and cant wait for the game to release. Excited to meet you, Alex
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