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  1. Well if they don't show up. I passed the rains back to lando......I won't steal a unit like that.

    iwould do this  start 2 units a logistics.group and a mining group and we work together. Cause we can't operate all of the orion's.and it would give us a chance to fully deploy all 3 idris and 2+retaliator and fighters if need be 

    that would get us 60+  

    use the 4 main players that are active with the most ships you, mad and boats and me Make say you and madcap group unit 1 me and say boats or vise versa.group unit 2.split up the active personal.and the ranks will fill as it comes together. 

    If they do come back ........Letts talk on.  Team speak this week and talk with the guys.l hash out a plan if this goes south.

  2. With the Avenger, Vanguard, Gladius and Sabre all from Aegis... I realize now that I have just become a very loyal fan of that company :)


    1. Judah Warrior

      Judah Warrior

      I'm all Aegis myself i feel like a sold out for that company too,warden,harbinger,sentinel,sabre,retaliator everything they put out i want with the exception of the gladius didn't care for that one too much Lol

      oh wait i couldn't stand the avenger either Alaris other than those 2 i'm a Aegis fanboi haha

    2. Alaris


      haha it's all good, I have a Dodge Avenger *blacktop edition 2013, and the gladius reminds me of Gradius 3 for SNES which I beat countless times.. so I was destined to love the company, but to be fair the Avenger needs a serious modular update and the gladius is not as cutting edge, kinda a relic from the past war.

      *The First Tevarin War to be exact, but then Aegis sided with the tyrannical dictator so it was like siding with the dark side and when the Imperator fell so did all their contracts, but we still have a lot of military ships from them: Idris, Javelin, Retaliator and Redeemer (not sure how that fits into the lore since it was a contest). Also the Reclaimer. Course now Anvil Aerospace is top dog with their Hornets *grumble grumble*

      Here's to more ships like the Sabre and Vanguard!

    3. Judah Warrior

      Judah Warrior

      right on Alaris here's Aegis hehe!

  3. Thanks for the Carrack! Fast and easy *Purchased*
  4. Looking to buy a Carrack LTI. ~Alaris PM
  5. Really wish they would come out with the Avenger variants already. :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rain2reign


      I want muh avenger variant! D;

    3. Rellim


      I don't need a variant for it, its so awesome already!! :D

    4. Alaris


      Haha Rellim, touche! And Trophias, while I know they are moving to a more modular system, they still have announced a "Warlock" variant :)

  6. Hey I missed the Torchic event, hoping to snag one from someone. I am really really new to this game which means I'm very limited on trading what I have ingame, so I'll leave it to you to decide how I should pay.
  7. Alaris


    lol just lol Feels like I kicked the hornets nest... *thanks @FoxyFilth didn't see that one for some reason.
  8. Alaris


    Ok so I've never played a pokemon game before, (my game of choice has been fire emblem or monster hunter for the 3ds XL) and I wanted to know what it was like since it is so popular; thus I got Pokemon X. When work is really slow I'm finding it actually rather enjoyable to play this game, I'm only a couple hours in BUT I just found out that there was this event that ended a few months ago where they were giving out free Torchics. I after reading the almighty Google, I have learned it was a level 10 torchic with a Blazikenite stone and a rare ability speed boost. My question is, is there anyone who would be willing to trade or even better, give me one that has that stone and ability? (I think the stone is for some kind of evolution which you can only get because of the event) *side note, I put this in general and not in the trading ships/packages area since it has nothing to do with S.C. in any way. Thanks
  9. Alaris

    Ship Roles

    I did some googling, lo and behold: So thanks @Togerah for the find
  10. Alaris

    Ship Roles

    @xenoshaft Sounds great I agree, I think were past the gathering of info, now we just need to make it easier to read, well of course until they come out with more ships (we can hope )
  11. Alaris

    Ship Roles

    @Valenquo Love it, Added to list and I added ships that go into those brackets so everyone can get a clear idea what ships fall under what.
  12. Alaris

    Ship Roles

    @Kylar_Stern good point. I know I'm loving the 325a in Arena Commander, it just has the most view out of the three ships. ie the cockpit window space is the largest,
  13. Alaris

    Ship Roles

    Thanks @Metaru Mashin and @Styrupp list updated.
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