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  1. I don'tknow, like, the game modes are fun, Blood Money matches are fresh air and fun, but it's not a new game, it's a BF4 dlc. I'll get it when it's on discount or something, no way for the inital price having bf4 already.
  2. Seems like graphics issue,check your setup , if you have sli or something, maybe restart the pc and game could go if the USERS folder thingy is not working =/ Or repair the install, maybe something went wrong.
  3. It's out, patch notes: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//13942-Star-Citizen-Patch-122
  4. You can also get a key if you speak with customer support, they will add the game to you lib. I don't know when it ends, but open beta starts soon so most likely after this one
  5. @Peregrino I wish I had one, just for the cockpit view is worth it.
  6. I'm not sure about that and this is something I've been asking and wanted to test, but I don't think there is a way to see if that's happening other than, maybe checking shield / energy levels at the begining of the flight with and w/o weapons? Anyway it's pretty hard to aim those weapons if you use m+kb, so it's still something to master, at least for me because I've not decided if i'll go mouse or joystick yet (joystick aim atm won't have this issue). Anyway, it's most likely that those weapons will be for other uses rather than light fighter vs light fighter in the PU or even for other
  7. The problem with group 3 and 4 is energy atm I think, so anything that consumes energy won't work in there. However as I said earlier Badger Repeaters seem not to consume energy / overheat atm so they work. Of course it's not fun at all and you won't learn anything if you have all op guns in your ship, but I think it's a good practice if you just leave the nose weapon in there with maybe mantis (and disable turret ) so you can practice fixed weapons shooting (nose weapons are fixed) which is, IMO, a very different / harder challenge atm.
  8. You can even put badger repeaters on Hornet's nose to make it more overpowered (with the turret Omnisky's and wings Mantis) xD
  9. I like it could be awesome for some squads and imperium related videos, I'll may use it in the future, not sure if a 1080p or 1200 version though
  10. some people is still able to get it, check reddit comments, I am not able with my second account though
  11. Not working anymore. They have fixed it. Btw I'd never click on a big link without checking before, I was already logged in so I wasn't asked for the login, but it's normal you have to be logged on origin in order to let them add the game to your account. I checked the whole link and there was nothing wrong in the code plus I'd never share anything with you guys I had not checked before. That being said , I still understand people's concerns.
  12. I know, and you are doing good, however it's a link to origin as you can check, and they can't do anything just because you clicked a link, bit it's up to eachone to decide.
  13. If you didn't get yours (they are limited) you can do it now with this link http://dd.reddit.com/r/Battlefield/comments/27srwb/get_beta_now/ Do it quickly before they notice and shut it down! It worked for me. CONFIRMED: It's just the link that appears to someone who got in, you need to have your origin opened b4 you click it, then it'll be added to your library and they'll send you a confirmation email. EDIT: as reddit comment says, it's been fixed, so It won't work anymore, for those of you who couldn't click it in time this is the official link for beta sign up, however
  14. As far as I know it's not possible to do that atm
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