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  1. Exactly. "Hey guys, I secured the southern outpost!" "Guys..." "Hello?" *Tumbleweed passes by*
  2. Saw this on the SC subreddit a few seconds ago, wanted to pop over and see if y'all knew about it. Guess I was a bit late and now the popcorn's all cold. I can't believe people are already starting org drama. Also lol at them wanting to own a planet or two. Yeah, good luck with that. EDIT: Damn I really need to update my sig sometime...
  3. God bless the USA and our shitty outdated copyright law crap ruining everything. Speaking of, I should start downloading anime I really like, who knows when those will start going bye bye.
  4. To those who get in: Post ALL THE SCREENSHOTS.
  5. Sorry, it wasn't supposed to embed . I thought I had it as a link instead but it updated when I posted.
  6. After re-watching the last SAO abridged I'm kinda surprised as to how much this resonated with me:
  7. XD fair's fair, I was just trying to point out how fans of western live action make fun of anime for its fanservice then turn around and watch something like Game of Thrones without a shred of irony. Also as I said, I don't like Ecchi, and I'm kinda done with comedy for now (with the exception of an occasional episode of Nichijou or Lucky Star) but I'm sure someone else can make use of that recommendation.
  8. Oh, I was talking about Western Live action shows, not animated. I personally hate fanservice, especially when it serves no real purpose other than "Loook Bewbs!". Which is rather ironic considering one of the first anime I ever watched was an Ecchi comedy (I didn't know it was Ecchi and was five episodes in before there was an Ecchi scene, rather scarring that).
  9. Oh I laughed waaay to hard at that. Although on the topic of fanservice: Anime has actually helped me see just how much fanservice is in western programs too, just no one calls it that. Once you start being able to recognize it it becomes interesting just how pervasive it is (GoT is probably the best example of this).
  10. What have they been smoking?
  11. Can't remember if I posted this before or not, but this will surely brighten your day:
  12. I saw that picture a few days ago... Why did you have to remind me? You monster.
  13. Finally someone else watches Raildex. Also yeah, Accelerator was my favorite character (along with Misaka before they turned her into a f**king tsundere for Touma's harem), it would be nice to see an anime for him. That or actually making a season three and letting all that buildup from Index II finally lead into the WWIII arc.
  14. Just finished watching Rokka no Yuusha. It's been a long time since I've seen a mystery that good that manged to hold my attention for a full season. Edit: Also yeah, I'm back. It's been a while. XD
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