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  1. That is one nice piece of gear. Hopefully, before the Kickstarter launch they can iron out all the bugs and fine tune it so as to show a new video with the current SC build. ZNC
  2. Zero Null Cero

    Freelancer MAX

    It still looks like a pregnant whale waiting for an ER delivery room to become available during a catastrophe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, lol. ZNC
  3. A pleasure trading with you! Enjoy and please close this thread. ZNC
  4. Yep, I melted mine and now it is lost in limbo. =( ZNC
  5. Could it be the inside of the Merchantman? I know it is a stretch, but you never know. ZNC
  6. Struts are just not necessary on a ship this big, especially since they have the artistic freedom to make the crew view unobstructed. We will see.. ZNC
  7. $220 puts it in the Andromeda / Mercury range. I sure hope it turns out to be something comparable with regard to ship size, utility and firepower. We can only hope. ZNC
  8. Zero Null Cero

    Drake Kraken

    Damn bots! There is no way anyone could of clicked through all that in under 15 seconds. Good ol' CIG mucking it up again. Sigh. ZNC
  9. Zero Null Cero

    Drake Kraken

    Well, I got a Drake Kraken in my cart. Hit "Place Order and Pay" and it says that there are not enough SKUs to complete the order. Complete crap. ZNC
  10. Zero Null Cero

    Drake Kraken

    Well if that is true, then that blows. I would assume that anyone that didn't get picked for waves 1 through 6 and submitted an entry are getting the Free-For-All email at wave 7. Good luck, procuring one during the F5 sale. lol ZNC
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