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  1. BTW you can get the miss upgrade for $60, just search the forum
  2. Sorry I got confused with another post, but the price will go up, it's a fighter and it's perfect for collectors
  3. I'll go down to the upgrade and a standard aurora without a package but you know the price will go up, you could resell it for a profit in a week, the prices only go up on bombers
  4. It's an $80 unavailable item for $90 worth of items
  5. I'll give you an aegis gladius with 6 month insurance for a freelancer mis upgrade and an aurora ln without a package I will also accept $95 in gift cards SOLD
  6. I'll give you a gladius for an upgrade + an aurora ln without a package
  7. I meant ground racing, with cars or motorcycles
  8. one way or another, planetside racing would be awsome
  9. yeah, racing would be fun, but I mean, what if they would let the planetside get out of hand.
  10. your right! I didnt even think about "mountable" animals
  11. do you think there'll be cars, tanks, motorcycles, or any other land vehicle? and what about boats? how about races? and if you can make enough from land racing, would you buy some sort of carrier to take your "sports car" to races and make racing your class? what about aircraft carriers? what if you could land your ship on your own aircraft carrier? and last of all, do you think that the game may be overtaken by land vehicles so that everyone would always be on a planet?
  12. WOW! I didn't know the x-55 is selling, I thought it was just pre-order, I have and x-52 and a saitek yoke system, I'm getting some pedals soon and a switch panel, but WOW, this thing's making me want to get a joystick system instead of yoke
  13. oh, so I guess I'll take either the cutlass, or the constellation (probably the constellation)
  14. thanks, VEGAS, can't wait to get the ships
  15. thanks, the only problem I see with the constellation is that it's probably not going to be in the dogfight module and I coulden't afford another ship, but I'll take it in consideration.
  16. so I'm getting about $200 for star citizen for my birthday and I looked into all of the ships (I don't have any ships yet) but I can't decide, should I take the freelancer and 325A or a hornet and 315P or should I take a cutlass and a 325A? obviosly the cutlass is a bit problematic because of the strict "no pirates" rule but I can always use it as a rescue ship, and the freelancer, well it's nice, but it would be destroyed in exploration by a constellation. but should I even put my money into a large ship, why not take a hornet and focus on dogfighting, or why not go BIG and get a constellatio
  17. congrats on joining the fleet, I'm getting a constillation in about three days and I can't wait to be a member, by the way, out of curiosity, what ship do you have? (if your a bounty hunter I'm guessing an avenger)
  18. like everyone else, I can't wait to start playing

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