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  1. Hello I had created a new account because I thought this one was lost, let me know if I should use this one or the new one. I don't think this account has access to imperium member forms anymore either so RIP.
  2. Ok so pretty much all starter ships only have a quantum and you work to upgrade it to a jump. That's reasonable I suppose
  3. Anybody else watch anime here? and what are your top 10? Mine are: Code Geass Psycho Pass Steins Gate Gurren Lagann FMA Brotherhood Mirai Nikki Kill La Kill Attack on Titan Sword Art Online High School DxD Mod note ~Topics merged~
  4. I'm a junior haha ya i've already lived off campus and shit only reason i'm on campus is cuz i transfered to a different school near home, but my parents dont want me living with them. They payin for it so its cool but this fucking NAT type is killin me sometimes. I can barely talk to anyone on my PS4....
  5. Ya i asked them to open ports for PS4 cuz i cant talk to people on it either when im here. They said "the security team has the nat type strict for a reason but we'll get back to you with the decision of the port opening." That was 2 weeks ago, not a word since.. smh oh well. I dont think i can use a VPN but then again i dont even know what a VPN is and what it requires.
  6. I'm on college campus and i can't play AC cuz it says "i cannot connect" to the game servers. I was able to play back home but now that i'm at a super secure college campus i cant play. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Is anyone else getting the "connection lost" pop up when launching star citizen?
  8. you mean like on the electric bill?
  9. H8 Mile Fisher

    Ongoing Discussion Post Your Rig!

    Rig: Rosewill Challenger Case AMD 8320 FX EVGA GTX 760 16GB Kingstone HyperX RAM (4x4GB) 1TB WD Harddrive and 3 120GB HDDs Forgot which mobo but its good. 800W PSU peripherals suck: dell mouse dell keyboard vizio 22' tv moniter. BUT IHAZ PS4 TOO
  10. Ya, i'd rather drop another $250 on another 760, than like $700 on a 780 ti or $500 on a 780 and outperform all of them. But i do know multi gpu's have the potential to open doors to problems, and power wise i'm not too worried got 800Watts.
  11. @Rancit my bad, i meant benchmarks as in FPS benchmarks. but yeah i got you.
  12. So SLI isn't worth it? I was looking at benchmark videos from newegg, they pitted SLI 760s against a 780 ti and mostly the SLI won except in 1080p+ gaming like 4k. I don't know which info to listen to. SLI is $200 cheap and allegedly gives you same performance as $700 780ti?
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