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  1. Hello I had created a new account because I thought this one was lost, let me know if I should use this one or the new one. I don't think this account has access to imperium member forms anymore either so RIP.
  2. Ok so pretty much all starter ships only have a quantum and you work to upgrade it to a jump. That's reasonable I suppose
  3. Does the Reliant not have a jump drive??
  4. Anybody else watch anime here? and what are your top 10? Mine are: Code Geass Psycho Pass Steins Gate Gurren Lagann FMA Brotherhood Mirai Nikki Kill La Kill Attack on Titan Sword Art Online High School DxD Mod note ~Topics merged~
  5. I'm a junior haha ya i've already lived off campus and shit only reason i'm on campus is cuz i transfered to a different school near home, but my parents dont want me living with them. They payin for it so its cool but this fucking NAT type is killin me sometimes. I can barely talk to anyone on my PS4....
  6. Ya i asked them to open ports for PS4 cuz i cant talk to people on it either when im here. They said "the security team has the nat type strict for a reason but we'll get back to you with the decision of the port opening." That was 2 weeks ago, not a word since.. smh oh well. I dont think i can use a VPN but then again i dont even know what a VPN is and what it requires.
  7. I'm on college campus and i can't play AC cuz it says "i cannot connect" to the game servers. I was able to play back home but now that i'm at a super secure college campus i cant play. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. Is anyone else getting the "connection lost" pop up when launching star citizen?
  9. Rig: Rosewill Challenger Case AMD 8320 FX EVGA GTX 760 16GB Kingstone HyperX RAM (4x4GB) 1TB WD Harddrive and 3 120GB HDDs Forgot which mobo but its good. 800W PSU peripherals suck: dell mouse dell keyboard vizio 22' tv moniter. BUT IHAZ PS4 TOO
  10. Ya, i'd rather drop another $250 on another 760, than like $700 on a 780 ti or $500 on a 780 and outperform all of them. But i do know multi gpu's have the potential to open doors to problems, and power wise i'm not too worried got 800Watts.
  11. @Rancit my bad, i meant benchmarks as in FPS benchmarks. but yeah i got you.
  12. So SLI isn't worth it? I was looking at benchmark videos from newegg, they pitted SLI 760s against a 780 ti and mostly the SLI won except in 1080p+ gaming like 4k. I don't know which info to listen to. SLI is $200 cheap and allegedly gives you same performance as $700 780ti?
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