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  1. I figured out, but wont tell.
  2. No need to worry. You still can go to their website and donate via PayPal (scroll down) and receive the stuff. I'm not sure if it's the same rewards as on Kickstarter, but the Collectors edition is there, too. You can ask the specifics in this thread if you are unsure: http://www.baremettl....179/#post-2544 They still need as much money as they can get (it's never enough, you know), so you still have a chance to support them. By the way, some interesting Kickstarters: http://www.kickstart...re-being-hunted http://www.kickstart...ungeon?ref=live http://www.kickstart...rworld?ref=live I pledged to the first one, probably will do with the second, the third is not my kind of game.
  3. Very interesting update regarding equipment, inventory, healing and weapons: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1473965863/sui-generis/posts/355023?ref=activity
  4. Man I want some pictures of that thing. Edit: Regarding single pilot turrets.
  5. Great website logo! Few critique points: The way it is on top, the "star citizen" part looks tiny and dark and the uneven texture makes the R, I and Z kind of fade further away. Also the line is too close to the large and brighter BASE and is even more harder to see. I'd put a bit more balance into it, make the "star citizen" line with slightly brighter and bolder letters and few pixels away from BASE. Otherwise it's good.
  6. Great, tell your friends and clan mates. Yeah, loved that realistic looking sword combat. I kind of hate health bars above peoples heads and repetitive slashing animations until health bar is empty.
  7. I pledged on Kickstarter, but had a forum account on RSI way before and bought the electro skin 3 minutes before KS ended, lol. Am I safe then?
  8. Doesn't the grace period apply only to RSI backers, but not Kickstarters?
  9. Thanks! You mean you pledged in general, or just right now?
  10. I wonder, are there any Ultima fans, or fans of mid/low-fantasy respective to Game of Thrones? There are these guys who are making an open world RPG in that spirit. http://www.kickstart...863/sui-generis They wrote the engine themselves, which is impressive. The thing is based on physics unlike most of other games of this kind.
  11. I still have the joystick I played the freelancer games with, but for SC I'll buy a brand new set.
  12. I heard some people were criticizing SC. I don't mean the trolls, but some that apparently brought up good reasons. There was one lengthy post on the RSI forums, but I did not manage to read it before the forums went down. What exactly is the problem some folks have with the situation? What is it that they think is wrong?
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