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  1. Minnesota BarCitizen

    Hey @FoxChard, did you manage to make it? Rimmer and myself are there now.
  2. Minnesota BarCitizen

    I suppose I'll stop by. Anyone else?
  3. Im New

  4. Happy birthday

  5. Star Citizen Competitive Combat Tournament

    Good luck guys!
  6. I'll be out of town (and thus away from my PC) from 3/10 to 3/27. If anyone needs to contact me during that timeframe, using skype is your best bet as I'll check that regularly. 

    1. Devil Khan

      Devil Khan

      a mobile phone surely?

  7. Spectrum going live today 2/17/2017

    CIG's Spectrum is now live for all backers. For those unaware, Spectrum is basically Star Citizen's new forum/chat tool, with (as I understand it) plans to eventually implement VOIP later. Link below: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/
  8. Firefly - New episodes?

    That's a very good point, from a writing standpoint it would be easy to continue the series (though, honestly, I think I'd have a tough time with the series if it was indeed a sequel, since it'd be difficult to allow Alan Tudyk to reprise his role). I too think maybe the series is best left where it is. Serenity was a good sendoff in my opinion, and while the series was no doubt cut short prematurely, I wonder how many seasons could go on before the writing began to suffer for it.
  9. Firefly - New episodes?

    I have no source for this, so take it with a grain of salt, but I feel like I remember reading recently that the actors felt uncomfortable continuing the series after the actor who had played Book had died. Unfortunate if true, but understandable.
  10. Elite: Dangerous 'Commanders' update brings multi-crew gameplay.

    Considering very few other space games have multi-crew gameplay, having one more add it in can only be a good thing, for both the genre as a whole, and for CIG to potentially take notes from so they can improve the currently sorry state of SC's multicrew functionality.
  11. Looks like you and I share a birthday, have a good one!

  12. happy birthday bro :)