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  1. The deciding factor for me on whether this ship gets melted back into a Redeemer or not is whether it fits into a Javelin. Thankfully, after comparing the stats of the Vanguard, which is the Javelin away-craft poster child, and the Valkyrie, I am optimistic. The Valkyrie comes in at: Height: 9.5 meters Length: 38 meters Width: 28 meters The fully folded Vanguard comes in at: Height: 8.5 meters Length: 37 meters Width: 25 meters Assuming the Vanguard isn’t absolutely jam-packed into the Javelin to start with, I’d say there is fair chance the Valkyrie will be a staple shuttlecraft for Javelin away teams across the ‘Verse.
  2. Howdy everyone, As many of you may remember, Imperium and friends previously became fairly heavily involved in the Life is Feudal MMO upon its early access release. With our superior numbers we established one hell of a defensible base, set up production lines for all needed materials like food, weapons, and armor, and used our diplomatic skills to carve out a respectable sphere of influence, at one point nearly controlling an entire half of a server grid between ourselves and our vassals. We were involved in many wars, fielded a well-known cavalry corps, and participated in great battles like this regularly: Taking a Chinese base with no survivors While the going was great while the group was still active, slowly people began to part ways with Life is Feudal for a variety of reasons, and the group was whittled down to a shadow of its former self. Today, Imperium's presence in Life is Feudal MMO is an odd one, with a core group 3-4 active players essentially focused on the sole objective of maintaining a base intended to house dozens of people. We have stockpiles of weapons but no-one to use them, piles of armor but no-one to wear it. We've essentially got the fruits of countless hours of grinding but nobody around to actually use them. In light of this, I've decided to put together the following: On Friday night (5/23/2018) at 7:30 EST, I'll be gathering as many people as possible and we'll set out on a great expedition from the base. A ton of the older guilds around during LiF MMOs heyday have more or less died out, and left what are essentially ruins behind. I intend for us to explore around the map (particularly the eastern island and northern areas, which are the most war-torn), looting abandoned settlements as we find them and killing hostile players if we encounter them. If we manage to say alive until 10PM EST, judgement hour will begin and various castles will become vulnerable to raids, and if we find a suitable target in our explorations we may as well launch a raid as well. All needed supplies will be provided for those who show up, everything from weapons to horses to potions to siege equipment, and the responsibility you will have is ensuring your character stats are high enough to use the weapons and armor you request. We've already got around 8-10 players intending to show up, and anyone else interested is obviously encouraged to give it a try. If you're a new player, you get LiF:YO (and thus MMO access) on g2a for around $10 now, and if you're an old player looking to come back, I can't think of a better time where you'll be able to jump right into the best parts of the game, skipping the grinding aspects. I think it'll be a great time, and I hope to see you there!
  3. Hey @FoxChard, did you manage to make it? Rimmer and myself are there now.
  4. I'll be out of town (and thus away from my PC) from 3/10 to 3/27. If anyone needs to contact me during that timeframe, using skype is your best bet as I'll check that regularly. 

    1. Devil Khan

      Devil Khan

      a mobile phone surely?

  5. CIG's Spectrum is now live for all backers. For those unaware, Spectrum is basically Star Citizen's new forum/chat tool, with (as I understand it) plans to eventually implement VOIP later. Link below: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/
  6. That's a very good point, from a writing standpoint it would be easy to continue the series (though, honestly, I think I'd have a tough time with the series if it was indeed a sequel, since it'd be difficult to allow Alan Tudyk to reprise his role). I too think maybe the series is best left where it is. Serenity was a good sendoff in my opinion, and while the series was no doubt cut short prematurely, I wonder how many seasons could go on before the writing began to suffer for it.
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