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  1. hello all, so it has been a year since i started this post , since then a lot has happenned , i found the love of my life , a friend committed suicide , and i have still no job so 1 rly good thing , i rly bad thing and 1 thing thats anoying , but well im moving on also going back to school now to become industrial drawer , i hope i make it
  2. Hello everyone im sorry for not being so active the past months , ive had a lot of personal stuf to deal with when i get home today , i will try to install SC im hoping my pc will run it , and otherwise ill have to save up for a new one , wich i will probebly have to do since my pc is total crap . ill try to be more active as of now
  3. Hey all most of you know that im an airman well abaout weeks ago , my life just changed rly hard i lost both my job and my girlfriend =/, my life kindof sucks atm
  4. yep its not long annymore
  5. 7 days everyone 7 days and then there is the arena commander FINALY !!!
  6. well atm im not rly shure bronze or silver , i used to be gold league , but i took a long break and ive got a little worse , and mostly i play zerg/terran but now im playing just random o like the challenge
  7. and i also used to play wow not playing it atm , might play it in the future , i have a lvl 90 shammy healer and a lvl 90 warrior fury / arms both horde i play all the blizzard games even the old ones , just not warcraft 1,2 and diablo 1,2
  8. i would verry mutch like it if everyone would like to sub on my youtube channel and follow me on twitch , that would be a great support
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