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  1. Ah. Loop hole. The Glaive has 4 year insurance. not LTI. If you still want it, I'm willing to do the buyback. You can find me on TS.
  2. Unfortunately I can't sell it because there's game credit used to get it. I think it'll go into the buy back list but wouldn't it also return the slot to the pool?
  3. I am not selling. I am just looking to help someone in the org who wants to obtain one. How: I will melt mine and maybe the token slot will be freed up and you'll be able to buy it. We can coordinate on TS or Discord. I don't guarantee that this will work but if your desperate enough, it's worth a shot. The glaive is $350USD. You'll also need to have the new 2946 aggressor badger by completing Vanduul Swarm. Nevermind, apparently this doesn't give it back to the pool. I've melted it.
  4. Wave 11 with mouse and keyboard, then it crashed... Try the CTRL+F mode it feels much better!
  5. Big hello from Canada!
  6. FFFuu

    Hey Guys!

    Friend here. Can confirm.
  7. Who knows maybe org advertisements will be a big industry in the PU
  8. Welcome to the Imperium Nip! Too bad about THQ. I played a lot of Dawn of War 1 and the game and graphics was quite ahead of it's time when it came out.
  9. Nice! I want to melt for a hornet too but that means I give up the Alpha slot and might have to wait longer..
  10. Welcome to the team Doopsums! Hope to see you in the DFM.
  11. FFFuu

    New member

    Hey guys, Super ecstatic about being a part the group. Seems like everyone is super friendly and just as excited as I am about the game. I've been a fan of air combat since the days of Battlefield 1942. I can't wait to fly along side our awesome fleet, while blasting Ride of the Valkyrie in my cockpit. Currently only own a 325a but I can see this game becoming the black hole of my wallet.
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