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  1. @, thank you for the warm welcome! And cool, I really want a Constellation - I mean, who doesn't? I've got the RSI Aurora (upgraded one), but bought other stuff on the site so it's allocated my the Bounty Hunter pledge. At the moment I'm saving up for either a Anvil Hornet or the Freelancer! However, I might just be tempted to save a bit longer to get the Constellation. I hope to see you around - make sure you come on TeamSpeak and introduce yourself Not been on it recently because of work and such
  2. @XeNd, I play SWToR every now and then as well! Welcome to Imperium
  3. @Dragon-Knight Thank you! I need to be a member for two months before I can apply, so hopefully we'll get to know each other quite well
  4. @Khad Rogo, Manchester friends! haha It's nice to meet you
  5. Thank you @Laizo! Hope to see you around sometime
  6. Thank you, @Starlord! And I'm on it right now @FoxyFilth, hope to see you around sometime!
  7. Welcome @Bloodie, looking forward to seeing you in space!
  8. Jukata


    Patience, my child - we shall be defeating our enemies on the fields of battle shortly! I hope to see you there!
  9. Thank you @Coroner and @Galenrick! Really excited to start meeting new people
  10. @CollateralKhaos, we'll do it together and be stronger for it!
  11. Yeah, according to his Twitter is was done so without cause. It's a real shame, he made some memorable music!
  12. I really want a Constellation as well Might not eat for a week and get it as a treat... haha
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