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  1. Hi, Ye we are aware of that small issue regarding pirates! However we are in diplomatic conversations with Imperium about a Non aggressive pact, and we have already 12 norwegian members of imperium in our facebook group. So you cant join us as a second org (atm), but you can still fly with us on our legal missions if you choose to do so And you know, the Imperium hate pirates thing, might change in the future ^^
  2. Hi, Asgard Consortium is a Norwegian organization who is looking for more norwegian members to join our ranks. Our philosophy is that the more we are, the stronger we can be. At this very moment we accept all kinds of players, may it be miners, merchants, explorers, mercenaries, bounty hunters or pirates. In the true spirits of what the Vikings really were, we will not excel from one reputation, but be known for our many talents. We will not be known for the great merchants, but then again we will not be seen as weak targets. You will be astonished to see our merchant ships traveling through the most criminal places in the universe guarded by such an unlikely thing as a pirate fleet. Our structure is simple enough, you are free to play as whatever you want. Check our page on RSI for more information about the organization and our divisions. Look oup AGC / Asgard Consortium Website: www.asgardconsortium.com Please find me on our webpage if you want to reach out TigeR - Head of Diplomatic Affairs - Asgard Consortium
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