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  1. Ohoohoo that looks juicy! thanks for the link!
  2. Does anyone know if there will be a sale related to Citizencon this year?
  3. allready had my eyes on that alittle while, looks pritty good
  4. i cant wait for a big ass 4way fight that gets interrupted my f**king ice zombies!
  5. the same models are used here and there is an outline of all the ships that use the old moddels.
  6. Ahh cody is the best! been watching his videos for years
  7. its designed for one thing, keeping any player rebellion against the UEE under control
  8. how many capital ships do we know of? i know about thees: Retribution - Super dreadnot/BattleShip Bangal - Carrier Pegasus - Escort carrier Javelin - Destroyer Idris - Frigate Polaris - Corvette King Ship - Vanduul Flagship/Carrier Harvester - Vanduul Carrier Hunter - Vanduul Destroyer Mauler - Vanduul Cruiser Xi`An - FlagShip? have any more been announced? does anyone know if there have been any UEE "cruiser" revealed yet?
  9. Leggo

    The Banned Thread

    Banned for Holy shit this thread still exists and are active!
  10. http://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspace_solarsystem.html
  11. Leggo

    The Banned Thread

    banned for hitting something once...
  12. Leggo

    The Banned Thread

    banned for not supporting banning reddit.
  13. Leggo

    The Banned Thread

    Banned for not being 100% right
  14. Leggo

    The Banned Thread

    banned for not being able to see what part that has poor grammar!
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