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  1. Ello chappy keen as Name a price mate, always easier that way
  2. Hey ya chaps, looking for 1 or 2 of each have cash moneys via Paypal, I dont have any trades here but have quite a number on the reddit so can happily direct someone to my feedback if they are worried Ta guys
  3. As an idris owner it's a hard trade for many ships, as you can't share them out or resell to cover part costs etc. And often you will find idris owners have a good stash of ships as well. But that's my 2 cents
  4. 1: Scythe! 2: Idris M. ean 3: Idris P. erfect
  5. I have a Digital Hornet package lti for 235US if your keen mate
  6. Kiwi Ric

    Want to Buy Scythe

    heheheh ;P
  7. Kiwi Ric

    Want to Buy Scythe

    Quite right, I guess I should have been more clear.. but I thought it would go with out saying
  8. Kiwi Ric

    Want to Buy Scythe

    Thanks mate, yeah super keen to get afew for my little corp, and like I said I know the waiting time for these is going to be killer!
  9. Kiwi Ric

    Want to Buy Scythe

    Ok chaps, Im newish to this forum but along time bloke on reedit, IM chasing scythes atm, I can pay cash 14-1600 US or cash and trade Have Ra lti packages, Tallis and hornets etc or RSI as well, sitting on abunch Im a trusted trade on Reedit, but I love the format over this way. Im looking to get some more scythes for me an my little corp, due to long replacement times on these bad boys Happy to use a middle man or any of the likes to offer the best protection regards and many thanks -Ric
  10. wow such a warm welcome many thanks
  11. Hey thanks for the warm welcome chaps its a real multi cuture place over here its fantastic
  12. Hey guys just a quick hello from down under fantastic website etc, and so much reading to be done
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