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  1. @azza1991 - as Gremlich already said they are to blame for this but so is Isreal for attacking several UN schools. But the huge number in civilian loses is prolly like 10% fault of Isreal and 90% Hamas fault. And just think about what would happen if the rockets would drop down on Isreal every single time and not get shot down by an anti-missle-dome. Nevertheless it won´t help Americans or Europeans to interfere cause that is exactly what most people don´t want even from other countries and the conflict countries in most cases. We can not play world police and there are several examples li
  2. Without saying people should not be religious i'd like to say that prayers won´t help anyone there which is sad but the truth. If all this stuff is going to continue like it does at the moment we are likely to drift into a 3rd world war or at least a bigger regional war. The war in Gaza is never going to stop with real peace and trust between both "countries". It will always be some kind of a Mexican Standoff or if they finally decide to stop firing for some time again it will still be a dangerous situation where a war can break out within some minutes or hours again. No offense b
  3. @Jake Yeah i was just kidding i anyway need to upgrade my Conni to a version and stuff like that
  4. Got one. Thats the last thing i bought with real money except maybe some centurion subs. It's draining my money like crazy. Only thing i might buy is a m50 by melting my avenger. Good thing i will get a 200% next month )^^
  5. Hi everybody, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am 21 years old and from Germany. At the moment my pledge level is Rear Admiral. The ships i got are: Constellation, Hornet F7C, Cutless, Avenger and Aurora LN. Unfortunately i found out about the game just two month ago which means none of the ships is LTI :/. But i was so impressed by the amount of stuff going on so early in development that i had to buy some ships to do my bit. But im still planning on earning my stuff ingame all by myself and fly the Aurora in the beginning to feel the complete game and to suit the hardcore o
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