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  1. How much fps is it running on? I got the new razer blade and it barley runs on 25 fps in low settings
  2. Is it a card game? or a witcher third person game?
  3. Mod Edit: Thread Locked as user has been banned from site.
  4. I really don't love the shape and the materials of the ships.
  5. Finally, but it sucks to be the 500K citizen right now.
  6. Dragon's Teeth the new DLC of Battlefield 4 is out!!!
  7. To have twice a year any ship you want for 14 hours.
  8. I fought about it and I saw some concept art of some hangar and the hangar is full of engineers that repair and take care of the ship and I wonderd, will there be AI engineers in your hangar? Do you want to have engineers in your hangar that you have to pay to them to repair your ship? Also, what do you think about repair stations/shops, that you could stop by and let the engineers repair it for a certain amount of time or buy a some parts for your ship so the engineers could repair it?
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