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  1. your ship would most likely require a drone module to have lots of them ready to go
  2. unless the 890 turns out to be a formidable combat ship i dont see why you would want two in the place of an idris. a fleet of retalliators and connies would be better in my mind,
  3. Maybe someone else can make a better GIF. I'm not so good at it. THey havent created the actual torpedoes yet for this ship so they have given it temporary regular missiles. i wouldnt expect them to create perfect temporary missles just so people could actually fly the ship.
  4. I actually really enjoyed this post since i missed that entirely working on the road for 2 months
  5. that article is a prime example of unproffesional journalism where facts are misconstrued into opinions and drama.
  6. each variant would have its own pros for various imperium purposes.
  7. oooh i want a hipster merchantman! said no one ever
  8. there is no point for CIG to spend the time to build alot of dedicated ships for specific roles. your best bet is to find one you like and customize it for your needs. a constellation could be a great bounty hunter ship if the insides were customized for it. or for a group of people a caterpillar and a few cutlasses and an avenger or two would be a great bounty hunting fleet.
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