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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I have to agree with Hammer. It doesn't seem like a sniper rifle would really have any use in a close combat scenario. However, if we did end up having ground assaults then I can see the sniper rifle being very useful.
  3. Thank you very much everyone
  4. I would like to see an automatic shotgun, some quite weapons to be able to sneak up to our opponent and silence them, and some deployable shields that I, the one who deployed it, can still shoot though. Oh also I think a little remote control robot that I could send in and have explode next to my enemies.
  5. I'm gatchmart and I just passed my entrance exam!! I'm really on my way to join the military of the largest fleets. I pledged as a bounty hunter and received the 300i. I can't wait to get the DFM and to try out different ships.
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