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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey there just wondering if there's any info on whether the PU will be reset when the game launches for real? Pretty much ever other pre-alpha/beta game I've played has reset its servers before launch but I can't find any info on whether that will be the case with SC. I imagine if they do we'll get refunded all the credits we spend now. If anybody is a subscriber and could send it in for 10 for the chairman that'd be awesome!
  3. Just because you have power doesn't mean it has to be public knowledge.
  4. Like how CIA manages its operatives? or you mean more like a P.I. ?
  5. @Portgrey I have a Dell UP3214Q and a couple cheap ass 1080p benq's on either side. When I got my monitor, the budget 4k TN ones weren't out yet, and I do pro work on it as well so I need the color fidelity of a calibrated 10bit IPS panel either way.
  6. That's not true though. Even though FCC rulings only affect the US market, they set a dangerous precedent. Thankfully the EU is heading in the opposite direction
  7. almost all industrialized countries have better internet infrastructure except for a couple exceptions like Australia and China. Shit even ex-USSR countries have better internet. And yeah let's not talk about places like S.Korea, Japan, and Scandinavia lol. Side note: I'm writing this post at the airport on free Wi-Fi Oh and sai Hai to my plane
  8. I tend to stick to corsair when it comes to peripherals, memory, SSD, cooling, and cases, ASUS for GPU/mobo, and intel for the CPU.
  9. So if any of you guys have been following the net neutrality debate, you're probably aware of how massively FCC is f*cking this up. Today they release a set of guidelines establishing a "base and fair speed" with a provision that content providers could still charge for delivering content at higher speeds. Basically they're saying "hey the net should be neutral, but you can get a better speed if you're willing to pay for it". It's kind of amazing that the FCC, who is supposed to be the most knowledgeable institution in the country when it comes to communication matters, has no idea what they're doing. And the cherry on top of the ice cream, this is what AT&T had to say about today's FCC announcement: "Utility regulation would strangle investment, hobble innovation, and put government regulators in charge of nearly every aspect of Internet-based services. It would deprive America of the world's most robust broadband infrastructure, and place a cloud over every application or website that delivers products and content to consumers. In short, it would place government in control of the Internet at the expense of private companies, inventors and entrepreneurs, and ultimately at the expense of the American people." The sheer amount of bullcrap going on is mind boggling. The FCC proposing awful after awful net neutrality regulation, the ISPs saying they can't implement net neutrality and still make a profit (because it's not like they're bleeding people dry right now...), and the carriers trying to make special rules so that if a real net neutrality proposal ever does make it through, it won't apply to mobile internet. And then we have statements like the one above form AT&T saying everything is cool and the US has awesome internet, and the government is trying to fuck it up. Yeah ok AT&T, we all know you only hold the consumer's best interest in mind...
  10. @ damn that was deep man. Who'd have thought we'd have a poet walking around these forums
  11. Months?? but I have LTI, won't I get an instant hull replacement? Am I missing something here?
  12. I think they said you'd get some special badge or something. This was waay back in one of the early wingman hangars, so it might have changed since then.
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