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  1. Areos

    Hey All!!

    Thanks for the welcome @Fizzlefuseand @Sky Captain!!!
  2. Areos

    Hey All!!

    Hey everyone!! I am from Spain, 37 y/o and with some years in this project. I´ve been absent for some time but now I feel like I want to give a new chance to this game, mostly with the 890 about to be released! So here I am. Anything you want to ask, here I am.
  3. Thank you @Dragon-Knight for the post and a pleasure to meet a fellow Diplomat. I hope we all meet in the lore. Best Regards Mephistopheles
  4. @Ryofar & @Chimaera of course same as we do to start a nice relation, even more now with such a warm welcome. @SkyRobo1 & @Lakota thanks a lot for the welcome and godspeed.
  5. Thank you all for your welcoming messages.
  6. Appreciate your kind words @Nevermore And same to yours
  7. Sirs, it´s with much pleasure I officially introduce the organization I represent as International Affairs Counselor, Clan KiCK, from Spain. We are now starting our SC department, yet we old as a team, from 2001, a team of very united with heavy bonds of friendship and loyalty people. As for now, KiCK, has a small presence of only 7 members on this new project out of the more than 40 active in my organization, but this number is growing as I write. Our homepage is www.clankick.com We are starting this new quest, in a peaceful way, to explore and trade, to combat the vanduul, and meet new people and organizations. As I said, we are loyal to our principles, and our friends, both from our organization and from the outside. That said. I´ve been following your very important organization and decided to give ourselves the honor to choose you, as the first international organization we are talking to, like as I said and repeat, we like and share your objectives, and we would like to have a good relation with you if you give us the oportunity. So with that said, I leave here, myself, Mephistopheles, actual officer of KiCK´s SC department and IAA Counselor as a contact person. Best Regards Areos
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