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    Caesar got a reaction from RuckyDucky in Lets get involved!   
    Welcome to base @RuckyDucky
    Great to have another brit on board, just down the road from you in Bristol =P
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    Caesar reacted to abentwookie in Greetings and Salutations my fellow bipeds!   
    My name is Sarah but I am more commonly known online as abentwookie and occasionally under my various alter egos such as the dreaded WookieMonster, NerdRage and Groove. I am an Alpha Nerd, Jedi Master, hardcore gamer, Star Wars fanatic, university student, amateur comedian, twitter zombie, evil genius, pirate, blogger, future author, San Diego Comic Con veteran, former GameSage for Aeria Games and current member of HailtotheQueen's Estrogen Elite clan. I have played tons of games, both casually and competitively, since I was a wee little wookiee. 
    I have always enjoyed piloting and have been pretty skilled at it on quite a few games with the most recent ones being Planetside 2 (fear my Scythe!  ) and War Thunder (briefly) so I am definitely not new to this type of thing. I became interested in this game because it seems to combine several things I love, such as a Star Wars type of setting, PVP, pirating and piloting. 
    I look forward to blasting people into oblivion and/or stealing your ships while laughing maniacally and listening to the Imperial March or Firefly theme songs. 
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    Caesar reacted to RuckyDucky in Lets get involved!   
    Hello, my name is Ruckyducky and recently applied to your orginization on the RSI forums and i see others have posted an introduction here so i thought i'd get involved.
    My name is Ian and i'm 28 years old from the Gloucestershire in the UK i have 2 children and a missus who nags me i spend too much on computer games :D
    I used to play alot of WoW, clocking up about 6k hours raiding 5-6 days a week trying to get realm firsts etc etc...............Then i had kids. Now i have just dossed around playing some league of legends and some dota2 trying to fill some time but when one of my old guildies showed me this game i was blown away! I have followed it for a few months now not knowing wether to pledge or not but the PU demo just blew me away considering this game is pre-pre-pre-pre Alpha, the pure ambition of the scope they want to achieve had me sold.
    I only pledged for an Aurora LN at the moment because i was desperate to have a crack in game on AC and the hangar but i will be melting this down and upgrading to the Freelancer DUR when i get paid because exploration and a little bit of cargo carrying is what gets me hard I have no problem stepping into a Connie Aquilla as a crew member or something like that if the Org is going scouting for new homes. That is my idea of a good time!
    I play most evening after the kids have gone to bed at around 7 or 8PM (gmt) til about 12am (GMT)
    So yeah, Here i am. Cadet Ruckyducky applying for your Exploration division!
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    Caesar reacted to Blade in Hey!   
    Hey guys, I've just got myself setup and fleeted. I've got to say, this org seems top notch.
    I'm glad to join y'all and can't wait to have some fun!
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    Caesar reacted to Oxygen in Hello citizens   
    I'm Andrew, 33, from the Scottish Highlands.
    I purchased the pack with the 325a and i'm currently downloading. Looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in to this great looking game.
    I've been an avid gamer since the days of the Amiga 500+, and a space enthusiast. I'm a keen astronomer when the skies are clear, and currently on my final year of a physics and astronomy degree. I also love cycling on my days off work, and playing piano in my spare time between games on the cloudy nights.
    I applied to join Imperium as it looks like a large and committed organisation, and i'd like to be part of the action.
    Best wishes,
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    Caesar got a reaction from Yonack in Yonack Introduction   
    Welcome to the base @Yonack
    Hope to see you in the Verse
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    Caesar got a reaction from Crew in Hello   
    Welcome @Crew
    Glad to have you anothe brit aboard mate
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    Caesar reacted to Crew in Hello   
    Good morning,
    My name is Ash however my gaming handle is Crew. I'm from Cheltenham in the UK.
    I've been a PC gamer for the past 12 Years primarily focusing on MMOs both hardcore and casual from SW Galaxies to Wildstar and everything in between. I'm a big fan of Sandbox games as of late and i often kill a lot of time on Space Engineers and Dayz with a good group of friends.
    I currently have a Freelancer Max and an Origin 325A sat in my hangar although if my alpha access wasn't tied in with my freelancer id have it melted down and replaced with a constellation asap.
    I thank you for accepting my application and i very much look forward to offering my services in either of my ships when the time comes.
    -- Crew
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    Caesar reacted to Rhomark in A new pledged player   
    Hi fellow Space captains,
    just pledged to the game and as we speak downloading the whopping 12gb.
    Totally new to the game, noticed it yesterday, pledged today. My god, if this game delivers what is promises than just wow....
    Long long time ago played a space game, it let me dock into a carrier...that was just awesome! It felt larger than live!
    So when the client is up to date I will take my ORIGIN 325a fighter for a spin. I hope its a good enough ship ot have fun with.
    So any EU guilds recruiting? I am searching for one. I am pretty competative but reallife comes first as a dad of two, husband of one (duh) and professional between 0900-17h. So a social and mature guild is what I am looking for.
    Any Space Dad's guild looking for more recruits?
    In the meantime I am gonna lurk on the forum on what ever news I need to know before taking off into space.
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    Caesar reacted to Freeburnerr in Hello from Glasgow   
    Hey guys, Freeburnerr here... Man it's been a while since I've said that... Anyway, I'm still new to this whole PC Gaming thing, but I've been a long time console gamer and used to be a Let's Player before life got in the way. Currently having hardware issues running SC (as in mine isn't good enough apparently?) and no idea what profession I want to get in to but I have the Arena Commander package and I'll be around to chat and stuff once I take a moment to get my feet wet.
    As well as here you can find me on youtube for no content in the last four years, tumblr for no content in the last few months, reddit for no content to do with Star Citizen, and steam as the only other place I don't go under the name Freeburnerr (Just look for MadKingStuart)
    See you all around lads!
    Stuart aka The Freeburnerr
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    Caesar got a reaction from Freeburnerr in Hello from Glasgow   
    Welcome @ Freeburnerr
    Glad to have you anothe brit aboard mate
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    Caesar reacted to Weolo in Hello   
    I was browsing the Star Citizen site and stumbled across information on the Imperium, I thought it looked cool so here I am.
    A new recruit ready for the adventure to come.
    I live on the south coast of the United Kingdom and play, and have played a lot of computer games over the years. I am on my PC every single night so hope to be of use to the organisation as well as having a blast. I'm new to the Star Citizen universe and from what I am learning about the new game I am very excited to see how it develops.
    I have bought a starter package and Arena Commander with a ongoing backer subscription "Imperator Prime - Monthly Plan" to show my support to the development of this game and also so I can gift my friend the spare copies of the hanger items once the game is released.
    No idea which areas of the game I will get in to yet, maybe a bit of all of them but I do not enjoy Pvp so thats one area I won't touch.
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    Caesar reacted to Christos in Greetings   
    Greetings, my name is Christos (full internet name Christos Hendez)
    I'm 22 years old, live in Russia/NewYork/London depending on time of year and what im doing at the time.
    Signed up for SC a few years back and bought a constellation package, as im very into space games.
    A bit of experience about myself.
    I used to play a lot of EVE (i imagine some here have also or still do) there I was mostly involved in PvP/Intel/Diplomacy which is characterize by the fact that I spent almost 7 years in Against ALL Authorities alliance and was the diplomat for said said for the better part of two years.
    Once SC is live i imagine ill find a place within the org doing something similar!
    Nice to be here!
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    Caesar reacted to LloydM in Hey   
    I've been flying combat, civilian and space flight sims since way back with the ZX81 (in fact after my 4th real flying lesson my instructor told me I already knew pretty much everything he was going to teach me!) so I've been really looking forward to playing Star Citizen and I'm grateful for the chance to fly with you guys. 
     - Lloyd
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    Caesar reacted to Ectic in Ello SCB   
    Hi Everyone thought its about time I joined a Org and after much research Imperium seems like my kind of place
    I am a 35 year old professional dj and music producer from Manchester UK who loves to games on my down time (percs of working from home all week Lol),   The Ships I own are RSI Constellation Phoenix, Aegis Retaliator, F7C-M Super Hornet (plus Military Upgrade) and the Origin 350R. As of now with the current information we have of the PU, the Rolls I wish to fill in Imperium is that of a High Risk VIP Transporter, Cargo Escort or eventually Command my own Wing / Squad.   I look forward to seeing you all in the PU and having a decent laugh on coms
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    Caesar got a reaction from Ectic in Ello SCB   
    Welcome @ Ectic
    Glad to have you another brit aboard mate
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    Caesar reacted to boymonkey74 in Hi.   
    Just joined I think...
    Got a Cutlass oh and Iam from the UK 40 years off age.
    Wanna run my Cutlass as an space ambulance lol.
    Changed my mind all.
    Have fun cya all.
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    Caesar got a reaction from FreakyHawk in Hey all, FreakyHawk here :)   
    Welcome @FreakyHawk, its always good to have another fighter pilot in  Base.
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    Caesar got a reaction from Flatfoot in Flatfoot on Deck   
    Welcome to base @ Flatfoot
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    Caesar reacted to Flatfoot in Flatfoot on Deck   
    Hey everyone!  I've now signed up (been here before to read some great threads) because I want to get more involved in the community before the game comes out in a more playable mode.  I've struggled to find what I want to do in the game and figured it might help to look at some groups and maybe join them.  The Imperium at first seemed too big, but I have to say I really appreciate the quality of the art and community, so I think I want in if you'd have me!
    I'm particularly considering what I would be doing within the Imperium and have a few ideas I might share soon (looking at Intelligence division), but I'll be looking around the forums a bit more before I do that!
    I am a proud owner of a Cutlass...hope to see some fantastic variants soon...
    Thanks all,
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    Caesar got a reaction from Kokoro in Hello from London!   
    Welcome @ Kokoro, great to have you on-board.
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    Caesar reacted to Kokoro in Hello from London!   
    Hello! Im Kokoro! 
    Been reading up on Star Citizen for the past few months now and the more I read, the more I'm getting into it.
    So finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and never looked back.
    I have pledged the Fleet Pack (The previous Grand Admiral Pledge) and will be upgrading some of my ships to be more Exploration and Trade orientated.
    Just took the exam! Hope I past!
    Hope to play with you guys soon!
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    Caesar reacted to DouglasATS in New Recruit   
    Hi everyone, I am DouglasATS
    i have been browsing about StarCitizen for half a year.
    I have already missed the kickstarter event, 
    and after the gamescom presentation, i finally bought StarCitizen.
    i pledged the Constellation Andromeda package.
    hope to play with you guys.
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    Caesar reacted to Droom in Hello   
    Just checking in and with the new multiplayer for arena commander i cant wait to get in there! 
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    Caesar reacted to Judah Warrior in new recruit: Judah Warrior   
    Hey errbody just wanna say sup sup i'm glad to be apart of the imperium fam & can't wait to get to know all you guyz!
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