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  1. In true jedi fashion you can also purchase the parts independently here: http://www.thecustomsabershop.com/ part of becoming a jedi is constructing your own lightsaber after all
  2. /wave and /welcome <3
  3. Spitznaz


    If you're excited about SC I'm sure you'll get along fine with everyone here
  4. Did someone say TRADE?? :D <3
  5. Welcome to the base, can't wait for the DFM!!!
  6. Welcome to Imperium!
  7. Welcome to the base /wave
  8. Spitznaz


    Woo! Another fellow texan joins the ranks! Welcome, if you live in austin we'll have to go to torchy's sometime! Fav Taco: Trailer Park Trashy, cuz vegetables are what my food eats
  9. Your reasons are the same reasons I sought out a group who wanted to do everything too! Welcome to IMP!
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