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  1. Sweet, I have a bunch of ground vehicles if any more are needed later on.
  2. Damn I'd be keen as to participate , If I have the timing right it will be 3am Sun morning. could I slot in as a maybe ground security.
  3. Looks awesome, will try to get my ssd holding the game working again or may have to buy a new one
  4. This armour is the Up coming subscriber promotion. Uploaded on the comm-link 10 hours ago. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/18168-June-2951-Subscriber-Promotions
  5. Yes. Guilds in this game are called Organizations, which is what Imperium is.
  6. Damn that looks soo good. I've been rocking Inquisitor and Paladin helm to get the bounty hunter feel. Hopefully we will be able to customize our armour and 'dye' it different colours in the future.
  7. I think I'm gonna change it up this time round, Really like ground combat, and keen to do a mechanized infantry/ heavy ground vehicle unit or something
  8. Fair, I wondered if the one I was in way back was still around but I feel it may be long gone by now
  9. Hello Everyone. My name is William and I'm from New Zealand It has been quite a while since I was last on here. (not sure if I can do a second intro or if it is better to refer to the 2014 one?) Are squadrons still a thing or is it called something else now? I look forward to gaming with everyone.
  10. Yes another Kiwi. Welcome mate. Looking forward to flying with you. 7
  11. Im about to buy it soon but have to find some cash-money. looking forward to playing it
  12. Im so excited to fly these ........................................................... Sadly though I couldn't enter
  13. OMG was checking out launcher when i saw the news feed :D so excited!
  14. Oh shit... we are gonna need one of those.
  15. Welcome Dr_Pepper looking forward to flying with you
  16. ItzTank

    Hi All

    Welcome to the fleet OriSTiX
  17. Welcome to the fleet Ragdoll
  18. Welcome to the fleet H8 Mile Fisher
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