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  1. Excellent work Voa. Kinda reminds me of Tom Cruize's house on Obilvion. I hope the glass is laserproof.
  2. Man, it's like black Friday at Walmart in this Multiplayer queue!
  3. Indeed. Been sitting in the queue since the announcement! See ya in a bit
  4. Really? I totally disagree. I liked the plot, and the movie itself. I thought both were easily entertaining. For us space sim fan-boys though, GOTG does hit home a little more. I never heard of these characters before the movie, and I got to like them from the movie. I half-expected it to be corny, but they actually pulled off the "merging of misfits to take on evil superhero group thing" together nicely
  5. Just saw the GOTG movie this weekend, and I gotta say , the whole time I couldn't help but think that it's how I imagine Star Citizen's Persistent Universe to look. The planet-side scenery and the mining colony is exactly how I would think life in 2944 would look. The main character's smuggler for hire persona, as well as Rocket and Groot as bounty hunters, put me in the mindset of SC. I just hope character development in FPS will make the characters as lively and diverse as these occupations lend themselves to. Even the ship combat, sizes and cockpits were fairly Star-citizen-ee. What do you guys think?
  6. While some scoff at the "nerfing" of the Omnisky's , I find the refinements rather calming. My shots are much more calculated and measured. Combat as a whole seems more engaging. I actually pay more attention to what's going on without the worry of being one-shotted by OP missiles now. Overall , I love the 12.5 changes. The coolest part to me are the enhancements they made to the weapon sounds..much more realistic and engaging.
  7. Yeah it's all fun and games right now guys, basque in the awesomeness that we've waited for all this time. Keep it all in perspective though, and remember that at the end of the day, we are all alpha testers. Our role in the refinement of the DFM is to report bugs, quirks, and anomalies promptly, so the devs can get to work. Post on the RSI forums all things that seem whacky; even if it's minor. The more we help, the faster we get to PU and eventually our full serving of awesomesauce! Keep your blades sharp Keep your mind sharper Razorwind
  8. went in my Avenger for S and G's and noticed that they've widened the area where the bed is. Graphics are awesome btw,..and they fixed some cockpit issues with character hands on the sticks.
  9. Bastards shot out my main thruster..I'm dead in the water...Kill me already!
  10. Gotta get used to these newtonian physics...Brakes are your friend. How did you switch to HOTAs ? Is it automatically recognized?
  11. nm. Figured it out...Don't forget your helmet!
  12. newb question. How do you launch out the hangar?
  13. I'm wondering if a weekend release of the DFM is advantageous to CIG. If all the bugs were fixed, is it smart to release the game over a Saturday for example; knowing full well that most of your 400,000 plus backers will likely be available to play and potentially overload the servers after much buildup and anticipation? Note: Original title edited because some of us can't take a joke!!
  14. So much for practicing with the H.O.T.A.S in DFM...seems like he mentioned that there won't be any keyboard/mouse or joystick customization in the 1st iteration of the release.
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