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  1. Updated Concierge forum badges .... but they are missing the "Completionist" badge for $15k (or at least come up with a new name for that level).... .... but interesting they are actually recognizing Legatus (which I think is $27k correct?)
  2. VoA

    Banu Defender

    Updates on Defender at 5:34m
  3. VoA

    Banu Defender

    Updates on Defender at 4:14m
  4. I've always been a fan of Terminator and I am looking forward to this one especially with James Cameron producing ... and a director that Directed Deadpool Sarah Connor and a hybrid cyborg human must protect a young girl from a newly modified liquid Terminator from the future. Release date: November 1, 2019 (USA) Director: Tim Miller Budget: $160–200 million Production companies: Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, 20th Century Fox, Tencent Pictures, Lightstorm Entertainment Producers: James Cameron, David Ellison
  5. Some ships / vehicles - are flyable / driveable when they come out........ so you might be able to rent / multi-crew one before the concept sale is over.... like this concept sale for the Balista (++ you can see videos). I ended up CCUing for one and happy that I did
  6. Cool player self destruct shot...
  7. VoA

    Origin 890 JUMP

    A bit under 4m into Video...
  8. Alright - I might be a little late to the party but this channel has some pretty awesome free content Sci-Fi Short Stories........ check it out......... Get Lost in Sci-Fi | Subscribe to DUST DUST Trailer | 2019 New sci-fi short films released every Thursday & Saturday. Journey into the DUST wormhole, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2aqc5vh DUST: Binge-watchable Sci-fi DUST is the first multi-platform dest... The one I just found that I thought was impressive (keep in mind these are still done by amateurs with low budgets to work with) is the one below...
  9. However..... you'll probably like a Ground Vehicle.... specifically the Ballista when you get hit by one flying overhead without being able to spot them. They are going to have a much lower signature than flying ships (that is a huge advantage for them + the low cost vs amount of firepower to balance them being limited to the ground)
  10. Sigh.... wallet is opening..... with cool videos like this.... ---- EDIT ---- Just picked up one with a CCU
  11. This happens frequently..... I look at a concept and think sometimes well I don't really need this .....and then start to Theory craft about it..... well last evening's Blood Moon Unit meeting we started talking about the Ballista and my favorite ship always was the RSI Phoenix but once the Pioneer came out that became my new favorite ship.... primarily because I am an architect in real life.... and the concept of building Outpost I think we'll be a lot of fun.... and now with this thing coming out the ballista will be an excellent defense system for an outpost. I also have an A2 star lifter so hopefully I'll be able to move it around.... we were talking about this as well and we think that CGI will probably resize the star lifters ... since ithe Ballista.....is a little bit larger than a Nova tank
  12. Looks absolutely amazing now unfortunately I'm going to have to subscribe to CBS all access just to watch one show I think.......
  13. Good question @Danakar Endeel and upvoted it Below is a good image from a player Much of the content in the early PU is more likely to be planet based (as oppose to system - system or long range exploration) until they flush out more systems
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