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  1. Ended up getting this Pack - love the utility / function and design of these PACKS - FURY TWIN PACK - ILW ATTRIBUTED Created:May 22, 2023 Contains:2 ships and 3 items Items GiftExchange FURY Ship Mirai (MRAI) FURY MX Ship Mirai (MRAI) INVICTUS FLIGHT JACKET FPS Equipment SELF-LAND HANGAR Hangar pass ALSO CONTAINS Lifetime Insurance https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/19298-Q-A-Mirai-Fury Now that the Fury and Fury MX from Mirai have been added to the 'verse, we posed a few questions to the Vehicle team about the new set of snub ships. Here are the answers, straight from the designers themselves. What's the smallest ship the Fury can fit in easily? The smallest ship we intended for the Fury to fit inside is the Drake Cutlass Black, though the Consolidated Outland Nomad can also fit one in its rear cargo bay. Can the weapons on the Fury be replaced with missile racks (or vice versa with the MX)? No, the Fury's weapon mounts are not interchangeable with missile racks, the same as any other ship. Given their size, the MX's missile racks are bespoke, so only the missiles themselves are able to be swapped for different types. How does the Fury perform relative to the Merlin and Archimedes in speed, agility, firepower, and durability? Pretty well! Speed and agility-wise, it is very competitive, though this is at the expense of durability. Does the Fury have any personal storage or weapon racks? There is no space for a weapon rack. However, there is a small personal storage area. How does the Fury compare to light fighters like the Anvil Arrow? Quite favorably. While it is a “snub” due to the lack of quantum drive, it was designed by Mirai to go toe-to-toe with other light fighters and has a weapon loadout to compete against them. Like other light fighters, its weakness is its durability and, given its size, a few well-placed shots can be catastrophic. Does the Fury have an ejection mechanism for the pilot? No, it does not. How does the Fury's power signature compare to other snub ships? It is comparable as they all share a similar set of power, shielding, and cooling components, with only the weapons differentiating their power requirements. Does the Fury leverage any alien technology in its design? Mirai is a sub-brand of MISC, so benefits from the parent company’s relationship with the Xi’an race. As such, the Fury utilizes alien thruster technology, which can be seen at the rear of the ship. How well does the Fury fly in-atmosphere compared to space? Above average compared to other ships. Given its low mass and thrusters that can hit many angles of thrust, it’s one of the easier ships to fly in-atmosphere. How safe is the glass cabin for combat? As safe as it can be given its visibility requirements. The MX has a deployable blast shield that provides some extra damage resistance. What do you call a group of more than one Fury? The Fast and the Furyous.
  2. Another vid. showing off the snub fighter - Fury
  3. Really love the lore behind Marai and really love the look of what appears to be a new light Fighter (at the end of this video below) - which will be launched next week for Invictus. Also moved over to this new manufacturer is the MISC Razor (now becoming the Marai Razor). -- We need to get an admin. to make a new Ship Manufacturer for the forums and the portal
  4. Another sneak peak
  5. Looking forward to the bomber! Nice to have both the A2 and this...
  6. VoA

    RSI Lynx - Rover

    Very Cool and luxurious look for the Lynx
  7. Very cool look at Grey Box - really looking forward to this heavy fighter!
  8. VoA

    MISC Endeavor

    Very Cool - I am really looking forward to playing with this ship and its modules!!!
  9. Looking forward to being more active in the game than the game itself being more active in 2023!
  10. Looking forward to having you back. I've moved and now have Starlink and another cell tower service where we can play (no cable internet available) + my wife just got a new computer (but we are still setting it up) - and she's going to play with me along with 2 of our sons but I have to teach them how to play first.
  11. I had a hard time with this decision. I really wanted to pick up the pack containing all 3 ships - really like all of them. Decided against the C1 since I have a Hull B.... and Decided against the E1 since I have a Phoenix. I do have a Hercules A2 bomber.... but it is in a different class (being huge) vs the A1 so I decided to get an upgrade from my Mantis to a A1 - figuring I would enjoy and use the A1 more than the Mantis.
  12. Anvil's Atlas platform the Anti-Air Ground Vehicle. Pairs really well with the Anvil Ballista
  13. A must see Video if you want to get rich fast and even just to learn to play the game. Suggest you watch his other videos as well if you want to be rich easy in Star Citizen
  14. I was able to get it back in the day at $250 but even at $600 it is a steal relative to its current size and function (compare to 890 Jump as an example). Love the new peak in Inside Star Citizen!
  15. I have love playing SC over the years.... even though it is still in Alpha. My biggest problem right now is moving to a rural area without enough band-width to play SC -- however -- we are getting Star Link in a couple of months and then everything should be awesome and I can start playing again. My fiancee and I are getting married in a couple of weeks and she is a hard-core gamer as well!!! So we'll actually have lots of fun playing as a team along with playing with our children as well. Eventually they'll join Imperium and fly with Blood Moon as well once we get Star Link.
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