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  1. VoA

    Aegis Eclispe

    Cool Eclipse image from the Gamecom 2019 promo
  2. Looks like a Aegis Ship (probably a big one - though we need more "medium size ships")...... will be on concept sale at this upcoming Gamescom 2019 http://www.gamescom.global/ March 22, 2949 Esteemed Chairman's Club Allies, Throughout our storied history, Aegis Dynamics has crafted countless vessels that went on to be piloted or commanded by you, the venerable members of the Chairman's Club. In martial ventures, as well as industrial and commercial endeavors, we have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship. We want to thank you for your unyielding brand loyalty with a VIP gala event to be held on Saturday, August 24th, 2949 in Frankfurt Germany, located on Earth, within the Sol system. Join us as we celebrate a legacy of fruitful cooperation with food, drinks, stimulating conversation, and a first look at an exciting new project from the masterly minds here at Aegis. Tickets to this ultra-exclusive event will be available on April 12th on a first-come-first-serve basis. Stay tuned to the usual channels for further details. We look forward to seeing you soon. Desmond Kilson Outreach Associate "The future is closer than you think."
  3. Wala + Area 18 Transports
  4. VoA

    Racing - 350r

    350R double engine 300i: one big engine 300i interior 350R: Two smaller (?) engines 350R interior. No room for both a bar and a bed. Only a central bed. Those are powerful engines.
  5. VoA

    Drake Corsair

    Potential Visibility Issue (another reason why I like the Aquila better)
  6. Our sources in Jata have heard rumblings of a possible "big announcement" forthcoming from Aegis Dynamics.
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