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  1. This is a couple of days old but I see no mention of it.... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17149-Celebrate-Independence TRANSMISSION General ID: 17149 COMMENTS: 132 DATE: JULY 12TH 2019 Celebrate Independence Together in Unity Imperator’s Day commemorates the forming of a unified planetary government, when the nations of Earth came together as Humanity expanded into the stars with the common goal of forging a brighter future for generations to come. Over the years, the holiday and the UEE itself have changed, but the tenets of the day and the values of our collective remain the same: we are stronger together. Together, we struck down tyrannical regimes, made peace and allied with alien races, and forged a legacy of harmony and a commitment to a better tomorrow. Together, we celebrate our great accomplishments from the past and the even greater potential of the future. Together, we solidify our independence through acceptance, inclusion, and mutual understanding. Our distant ancestors in the United States and France celebrated their own great moments of unity, perseverance, and independence in July. Join us in honoring those traditions this Imperator’s Day weekend. We Love a Parade Celebrate the unification of Humanity and say “au revoir” to tyrannical regimes by throwing your very own parade in the ‘verse. Gather your assemblage on foot, in ships, or other vehicles and salute to a bright future. You have until July the 14th to submit photos of your celebratory cavalcade on Spectrum for the chance to win some cool prizes. For full rules and more details, check out this Spectrum post. Echoes of the Centuries Sow harmony and unity throughout the ‘verse and rise up against theUEE’s oppressors with specially curated ships and packages. Only available through July 15th, harness the spirit of independence by adding these Red, White, and Blue vessels to your fleet. INDEPENDENCE PACK- Add-Ons $675.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART LIBERTY PACK- Add-Ons $390.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART APOLLO TRIAGE- Standalone Ship $250.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART CONSTELLATION PHOENIX- Standalone Ship $350.00 USD SOLD OUTMORE INFOADD TO CART CUTLASS BLUE- Standalone Ship $150.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART CYCLONE RC- Standalone Ship $65.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART MERCURY STAR RUNNER- Standalone Ship $225.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART RAZOR- Standalone Ship $145.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART
  2. Well.... it looks a lot like the Anvil Carrack...... but it is definetly an Aegis ship with the name on the upper left bulkhead and the symbol on the ground at the front of the picture. It looks to me like an exploration ship to compete with the Carrack......... but we have tons of Exploration ships already (but it is the most popular profession). My guess is that it will be the next concept ship and it will be larger than an RSI Aquila but smaller than an Anvil Carrack (and that would be a sweat spot if it is an exploration ship ------ since we need more Medium Size ships....... not more large or small ships)
  3. How To Find The Orinth Scrapyard on Hurston | Star Citizen 3.6 PTU - SPOILER
  4. Confirmed @51m into video...... 890 Jump is now 210m in size - surprise....surprise..... (they usually grow)
  5. VoA

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Confirmed @51m into video...... 890 Jump is now 210m in size - surprise....surprise..... (they usually grow)
  6. STAR CITIZEN MONTHLY REPORT: JUNE 2019 cool space station in 3.6 😎
  7. VoA

    Sabre Raven

    Raven with cool space station in 3.6 😎 + cool damage pic below...
  8. I would have to say that I am unimpressed by the design as well but it is apparent that it's in the very early stages so you should Reserve final judgment until it is finished
  9. That does not preclude though theory-crafting which ship will have the most play options / potential profit / etc.... based on known factors with the early PU (like planetary content being far greater in options and supply vs interstellar travel and long range fuel needs... vs .... just refiling in populated UEE systems at stations, etc....) ----- I also have a Gemini and a A2 but I am conceding that the Starfarer won't shine for awhile until more systems (and long range exploration) becomes available in the PU - which they won't for some time still....
  10. I also think that more Citizens have .... more Starfarers than C2's which will help you from a suppy/demand perspective ++++ there will be more planetary content available earlier on in the verse more so than interstellar (or long distance fuel needs)......... but eventually Starfarers will be extremely important (just not for a few years most likely compared to a C2)
  11. [Spoilers] FWIW, Here are the "known" aUEC prices of vehicles and ships, both 3.5.1 and 3.6 ETF.
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