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  1. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Orders Unofficially Top 500,000 The group counting the pre-orders consists of Tesla owners and has no affiliation with Tesla. The tally is self-reported. TONY OWUSU 1 HOUR AGO Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report was roundly criticized when it debuted the Cybertruck back in November thanks to the pickup truck's unconventional design and a failed durability test that left the demonstration vehicle with a cracked window. But three months later, the company’s gamble on the vehicle could be paying off as the unofficial Cybertrucks Owners Club released numbers suggesting the vehicle has received 522,764 preorders in just three months. The group also compared Cybertruck preorders to Model 3 preorders, saying the Model 3 only received around 518,000 total reservations between its unveiling in April 2016 and August 2017. These again are unofficial numbers, and the idea that the Cybertruck has more pre-orders in three months than the mass market Model 3 had in nearly 18 months makes some people skeptical of the number. Tesla didn't respond to a request for comment. “The last time Elon Musk disclosed Cybertruck reservation figures was on November 26, 2019 when he tweeted that 250k pre-orders had been received,” the group’s message board said. “That means approximately 272k orders have been received in the 12 weeks since his last update; compared to the 250k reservations received in the first 5 days of ordering.” https://www.thestreet.com/investing/tesla-cybertruck-pre-orders-unofficially-top-500000?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO&yptr=yahoo
  2. Strange - it is showing up fine for me in the OP
  3. VoA

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    If the Pioneer didn't come out (and if I wasn't an Architect looking forward to building Outposts)........ the Phoenix would still be my favorite ship after all these years!!!
  4. VoA


    The pilot can control the Cutlass Red's searchlight in 3.8.2 using freelook
  5. Well I've been a backer almost since the Beginning and I've always been too busy with work or found other excuses not to go........ but in our Blood Moon Unit Meeting I made a promise that if it were in LA this year that this would be my first Citizencon. Looking forward to see those that are going as well
  6. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    I normally agree with you 100% and would rather keep and hold a stock........ and normally I don't invest 100% of my portfolio into One Stock (normally I am diversified)....... but in Tesla's case there are too many Upside Surprises coming (including Analyst Upgrades - at least their price targets) since the stock has stabilized at these higher levels. However....... in this case..... I'll be long 100% into the stock - day to day....... then I'll use margin to buy dips and sell that margin position that day or before it records (2 business days later - so I don't have Margin Interest). If it runs up to far too fast then I'll sell my entire position (thinking that volatility will return). Since I work from home and I am my own boss - I can monitor it easily at different parts of the day and since I am currently only focuses my research on what I consider a Generational Stock....... it is a little safer at these levels to inch out whatever I can with buy low - sell high during the day or during a volatile cycle....... that way I am less susceptible to after market swings (unless I am holding from a position knowing that there is more likely to be good news relative to the current stock price). For instance if it climbs near 1,000 again...... I would only be comfortable with that after Battery Day already hit the news....... up until then I would rather be long at these levels but out of the stock at 900-1000 unless I can play it day by day. However like Charlie Munger (partner to Warren Buffet) said - he would Never short Tesla at this stage since they are stable with their cash now and growing with little to no competition (the legacy car makers are 2-3 years at least.... behind Tesla + Tesla has other advantages as I point out in my videos) ----------- Also how I justify this risk is I am not only well researched into the fundamentals........ but I already have a lot of profits from Tesla - that even if it were to drop big on one day and I decided to hold...... that it wouldn't likely be enough to wipe out my profits (even with a margin position).
  7. Another player posted this seeing a Vanduul (*Glaive) within the design of the Star Runner ----- easter egg?
  8. Like the new Thruster layout better
  9. Ya here is the rest of the white box at 11:30m into video...
  10. Carrack about 10m into vid...
  11. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    I missed out on a BIG opportunity with this..... I had stock yesterday and sold it before it dropped around 780..... then I told my wife I was going to buy it back in the morning (after hours showed it as low as 730)..... and then it shot up to 800.......... and I never got around to buying it back as I should have. I knew the Tertiary (they did it before) was actually a smart move for Tesla and Jim Cramer on CNBC said so as well (with Tesla taking advantage of the high price)..... but was worried most of the day. That stupid "worry" cost me a bunch of money since I kept waiting for a dip that never came........ and I am still out of the stock (on / off day trading it). Will definitely go in full Long position around April when they do their 1st Qtr earnings (which actually shouldn't be great since it is their worst Qtr typically but will still surprised)....... and Battery Day is in April.
  12. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/extras?product_id=&sort=store&search=Valentine&itemType=skus&storefront=pledge&type=extras& EXTRAS All Sort by: PriceName ORIGIN 300I - VALENTINE'S DAY $55.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART TUMBRIL CYCLONE RC - VALENTINE'S DAY $65.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART HORNET F7C-M HEARTSEEKER - VALENTINE'S DAY $195.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART CRUSADER MERCURY STAR RUNNER - VALENTINE'S DAY $225.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART
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