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  1. 2 confirmed Nautilus ships for blood moon, Need to get in on some of the group play times now that im not traveling around and have a decent rig now. Only thing is I Live in Thailand now which is like 12 hr time difference, I think 6pm PST is 6am for me lol. But I will try and join the discord next week if I wake up in time. 

    1. VoA


      Look forward to you then in Discord.   I often play during the day as early as 8 am PST sometimes so I maybe able to play directly with you then?   We can talk about it more in Discord then.

    2. Earl_The_Betrayer


      Yea, will chat more about it in the discord, I usually get up at 7am so I think 6pm PST Monday will be 8am Tuesday morning for me. I will be awake but have class a class at 8:30 but I can hop on for a bit. I get out of class by 8PST and am free most of the rest of the day. But yea I have lots of free time here aside from the school to maintain my Visa. but looking forward to getting back into SC haven't been playing it much the last year. but still manage to get the concept ships lol. but yea man Cheers talk to you and the others Monday (Tuesday for me).

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