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    Video games and I'm currently studying to become a game designer. I also enjoy music and film. I love customizing anything and everything I can, and I'm huge into anything that deals with astronomy or space in general, which makes Star Citizen the perfect game for me to play.

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  1. @RavenFeathers Anyone is welcome to submit. I'll take whatever sounds good. And thanks for the suggestion, it could be a great idea!
  2. I'm glad you like the work! The ghost refers to the company itself. Eidolon is another word for ghost or phantom. Eidolon also means an idealized person or thing. In the lore of my company our official name is Eidolon, but we are also called black cloaks and the word ghost has become synonymous with Eidolon Interstellar Security. In lore, the person speaking in the script is reaching out for help and protection from Eidolon or anyone really, that supports the type of bravery the company exhibits.
  3. I'm in need of a voice actor for a trailer I created for my organization, Eidolon Interstellar Security. I'm looking primarily to any Star Citizens that may have children because I think a child's voice will fit better in this particular trailer. It's supposed to sound like a child's letter, so the cuter it sounds, the better. lol You are also welcome to submit non-child voices, but those should sound a little more serious. Just post the audio file to your dropbox or someting. Although this is NOT a contest, I will be giving a reward to the first voice upload I like the most in the form of TAKUETSU AEGIS GLADIUS (hangar model, not a ship). Here is the script and the trailer: SCRIPT (VERSION 1) [Read by child's voice] Dear Ghost, We wish to chart distant stars and discover unknown worlds. We wish to journey about our daily lives, unhindered by bad things. And we hope to live free from fear. But night is falling and the monsters have come to get us. Dear Ghost, With lights in your eyes and bravery in your soul, Your courage forever patrols the deep black. Dear Ghost, You are eternally the first light for the weary. And you are graciously the last fight for the wicked.
  4. I thought about getting AC passes but I'm hoping to find an actual Alpha package. Thanks though.
  5. I want to melt my Cutlass package down to a standalone ship but I want to have another Alpha Access package on my account first. PM me if you have an offer.
  6. SOLD on Amazon I'm very close to finishing off a student loan so I'm selling one of my old video cards. A GTS 450. It's not the fastest thing in the world, but it can be used for basic gaming or as a PhysX card. It works very well and I'm selling it through my Amazon account so you can see my customer feedback rating there. The one listed by "SPACEWALK" is mine. I'm asking $80 USD, but I'm willing to negotiate. Amazon store link. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0041RRNBM I don't have internet at home anymore, but I will check this threat daily when I am at a friends house or the library.
  7. You Have a Collect Call from...Baboon. Do you take the call?

    1. Alex


      wut? no.



      What if he wants to warn you to get out before he and his buddies take over the planet?

  8. I don't care if pirates raid my Freelancer. But if they raid my fridge, I'll be pissed off. Hard! :D

  9. 1. Why so serious, Sandi? 2. @Wu Jen, we don't post porn here. LOL
  10. Time To Eat!

    1. LightMonk





  11. Can't wait for Inside CIG today. I gotta see that Asteroid Hangar preview!

  12. Arena Commander at 200,000. Only 81,706 to go!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. D_BO


      currently everyone up to 200k has access to mp



      @Alex, yes indeed!

    4. Alex


      Ah! Okay then! Thanks guys. I was really confused why people were talking about their IDs and counting them. lol

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