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  1. Want to sell Orion LTI (upgraded from M50) for $329 or €289 PayPal only. The price includes PayPal fees.
  2. Only Starfarer left now: MISC Starfarer Tanker - LTI (upgraded to Starfarer Gemini) $339 (279 EUR)
  3. Updated pricing. PS: all transactions are done in PMs, I do not have Facebook and I believe it is against the rules to do transactions elsewhere.
  4. I have reduced the price of all items in the list; now is a good time to buy:)
  5. Updated the price of the Polaris, also if somene wanted to buy both ships (Polaris+Scythe) I am willing to provide 10% discount for both.
  6. Updated the first post, moved all completed transactions into spoiler tag.
  7. Hi, unfortunatelly not. Every item that is written in dark grey and has red SOLD tag next to it is item I no longer have.
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