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  1. Damn, I have Steam account I have not used for years because I forgot password and created new one only to remember the password later... Though I am not sure I want to sell it to some hacker/cheater, but it is good to know there is a market for these things.
  2. Want to sell Orion LTI (upgraded from M50) for $329 or €289 PayPal only. The price includes PayPal fees.
  3. Only Starfarer left now: MISC Starfarer Tanker - LTI (upgraded to Starfarer Gemini) $339 (279 EUR)
  4. Updated pricing. PS: all transactions are done in PMs, I do not have Facebook and I believe it is against the rules to do transactions elsewhere.
  5. I have reduced the price of all items in the list; now is a good time to buy:)
  6. Updated the price of the Polaris, also if somene wanted to buy both ships (Polaris+Scythe) I am willing to provide 10% discount for both.
  7. Updated the first post, moved all completed transactions into spoiler tag.
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